Xferring 1 show @ a time...

I'm grabbing what I blogged for the Houston blog on myspace, but slightly will update it now in realtime, y'know?

Right now I'm transferring my Shiner show from 5/19/02. Before "now" I xferred the Houston set from the same date.

I've discovered that I might not need to borrow another minidisc player but that some older minidiscs are dying on me. For example my 1st recorded Houston show has a bad fuzzy bass sounding static, this was from 11/1/01. Yeah, it's an old minidisc (the media or rather the disc, not the player). Unfortunately, the Shiner show from 11/1/01 has also the fuzzy bassy static.

Well, I won't be able to "master" the 5/19/02 shows till tomorrow... MAYBE??? Hopefully I'll have time in the evening to work on it.

I will be releasing the FLACs of this particular show soon, but I do have to get advice from some friends on mastering these shows. I want to do a good job.

Oh yeah, speaking of mastering, anyone use "Amadeus Pro" for the Mac? I just got it and the eq is pretty cool, but I have no clue how to compress it!!!

A-HA!!! It just occurred to me that I made a CD directly from the 1st minidisc xfer back in 2001... So, I can use those and master what's on those discs!!! All is not lost!

Did I mention that the Shiner show from 11/1/01 is the acclaimed "The Egg" in its entirety performance... Certainly a gem for any fan of Shiner.


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