Busy B!!!

Today I worked on the following shows to be uploaded:

-Chavez: Jackie Ferry Benefit, 1st Reunion show. *
-Dot Hacker: 2nd show I've recorded.
-IntrOnaut: Echoplex show w/Kylesa.
-Sleepytime Gorilla Museum: Key Club show, ~2 hours
-System and Station: Knitting Factory show, Turnout=FAIL
-The Outlines: Silverlake Lounge show w/Noodles
-The Valley Arena: Echoplex w/Denali

* Denotes that this is a Minidisc transfer.

The minidisc transfer was done a few weeks ago and I finally got around to splicing it today. The other shows were recorded directly to Ed. The reason why I did so many shows is that 5 of the 6 are short shows. The Sleepytime Gorilla Museum show however was almost 2 hours!!! Boy, that was a long process to cut up the show and eq'ing that baby. That file was HUGE! Anyways, when I get the right song titles for these shows, I will upload these hopefully by tomorrow. Until then, stay golden!


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