Highlights of Last Evening

I got to Echo Park about 7pm and got some bread pudding from Masa of Echo Park before heading over to the show last night. Also stopped by Origami Vinyl which is one of The Echo's neighbors. Pretty cool vinyl selections and Sean (employee of Origami Vinyl) told me briefly how FYF Fest was. Wish I had gone, sounded like a lot of fun and a great line up of bands. I had a prior engagement that day that prevented me from going, but it was a joyous occasion for my buddy LaRon who got married.

Well, there were a bunch of singer/songwriters last night that was topped off by a stunning performance by Emily Wells. Since I got to Echo park early I watched almost all the acts except the last one because it was a late set and I wanted to get home. About Emily's set, it was a "naked" set for she was by her lonesome for her performance--without her backing band of drums & bass/stand up bass. A-mazing!!! She pulled off her songs with such elegance. If you haven't heard of Emily Wells but want to know--she samples herself live with I believe is a Boss RC50 sampling pedal. Damn, she's talented and pulls off her samples that she plays live to perfection. Certain songs had long intros but it was worth watching this "mad scientist" at work. She is a must-see-live act and I've only heard her songs on myspace (but I did purchase her newest EP) but need to do some catching up with her studio recordings. Emily is ever so gracious and gave me the thumbs up on putting up her set on the 'nets. I haven't gotten around to splicing the show yet, I will tho soon since some peeps are patiently waiting for it. Oh yeah, she does an outstanding version of a Notorious BIG song. Her swooning is excellent!!!

Anyways, I'm working on right now a King's X minidisc transfer as well as 2 Chavez shows from 2006/2007, a few Open Hand shows and more!!! Hang in there folks, my company consists of my computer and myself...


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