This morning I had some time to transfer a minidisc to Ed after I woke up early for a blood test. The minidisc I put in was for Chavez's set from the Jackie Ferry benefit. It was a short performance since there were a lot of bands playing that night. Well, upon putting the minidisc in I usually have to see what the last track is for the set but discovered 4 sets of over 30min sets by Retisonic, The New Transit Direction, and 2 other bands that sounded like "Midwest Rock" that I was not familiar with.

I remember recording the Retisonic, but it was a surprise that I recorded all the sets that evening at the Silverlake Lounge! Pretty excited to get this onto my site and can't wait to share. I think I'm going to work on Emily Well's set tonight or tomorrow, whichever time allows.

Shoot I snafu'd, I had set the Ed for 24bit/48kHz recording and should've set it for 16bit/44kHz instead. So, I have to re-do Chavez, King's X, Retisonic, The New Transit Direction and the 2 nameless bands. Oh well, it's a labor of love!!!


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