These Baby Arms

This is a show from early this year @ Spaceland. The Babyland show was done spliced a couple months ago and I was waiting for a friend to help me out w/the setlist. That person disappeared so I got help from a friend on Note: the last song gets cut cause my ride arrives and the bands that night were starting late.

Babyland / V0 mp3

These Arms Are Snakes tore it up last month @ the Knitting Factory and were amazing. They played in the front stage and went on last while I watched Far open for Thursday in the main stage/room. First time I saw Touche Amore, cool band, good music. But TAAS, were on fire, check out this set:

These Arms Are Snakes / V0 mp3

The Red Sparowes set from Friday's Vacation Vinyl FREE In-Store is ready to roll, I just need to free up some Hard Drive space for the WAVs to fit. I will upload that shortly--perhaps tomorrow or I mean during the day today.

Tonight (Saturday Night) I saw Helms Alee, Young Widows, and Russian Circles at the Echoplex. Well, during Russian Circles set, the Minidisc started acting up. Not certain if I'll release the choppy set in its entirety tho. I was impressed with Young Widows, they somewhat reminded me of Barkmarket. Awesome set.

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