Sunday, August 30, 2009

Someday I will inform you...

I uploaded this Kárin Tatoyan set last night but finally got around to doing the html on my site. This was a poignant evening in which she played "Someday I will Inform You," live for the 1st time I think. I'll find out if I'm right or wrong about that from herself hopefully thru email.

From my site's page for Kárin Tatoyan:
Oh man, what a night. This was the night about good timing because El Ten Eleven were playing a free show 8 miles away @ a restaurant called "Home!!!" Actually, it does not include exclamations in the name of this place, so it's just, "Home." I emailed Kárin about set times thru myspace and she was supposed to be 1st. I think this was a CD release party for a band called Seasons (NOTE: I wasn't around to record Seasons).

Upon arriving at the Echo, my buddy (Armel) and I discovered that they switched set times for Kárin for the 2nd slot!! This was a possible monkey wrench for the evening. But Kárin played beautifully as always with the aid of her bandmates, Andrew and Thomas. The set was amazing. The 1st song, "Someday I Will Inform You" was awesome. In fact, Thomas (1-second time machine) asked for an mp3 of the song for the band to reference for recording the studio version!!! I was ecstatic making an mp3 of that song just for the band.

Armel and I were very fortunate to catch an evening of 2 of my favorite artists in one night at 2 different venues!!! Very cool indeed.

V0 mp3s, HERE!

Next up is a VERY recent show of El Ten Eleven that I'm ecstatic about. It's the August 14th show at the Bootleg Theater.

From my El Ten Eleven bootleg page:
This was sort of a homecoming show from their tour across the states. It was an awesome show because they played a total of 6 new songs at this show. The unfortunate thing about this show was that they went on a little after 12AM and I didn't catch the whole encore. I got 1 song that was part of the encore, which was a new one called "Marriage is the new going steady." Not included in this recording was "My Only Swerving" and "Disorder" by Joy Division. Those last 2 songs was the time that I was leaving. I txt'd Kristian about what songs they closed their encore with but wasn't bummed. I did record their version of "Disorder" at a Hotel Cafe show earlier this year.

The 10 11's next show is in October 24th again at the Bootleg Theater!!! This time they should get a better set time, hopefully.

V0 mp3s, HERE!

If you're interested in my bootlegs, please browse my site @ here. If you have any requests, please feel free to add a comment here on my blog or email me @ Contact: musicschlack at yahoo dot com

Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Shows Uploaded!

Shiner's set from Austin, TX on 11/2/01 playing "The Egg" in its entirety in glorious V0 VBR mp3! This is a brilliant performance by one of my favorite quartets. I flew out to see them in TX because I had noticed that their dates didn't entail CA. So I flew out and saw them in Dallas & Austin! It was great until the last day of the trip. I had gotten my 1st speeding ticket EVER in a construction zone too. AND I was late for my flight which resulted in another charge from the airline to get back home. Luckily I stayed with an old friend of my step dad's, which sort of helped. Anyways, it was worth all that fuss. Enjoy! OH yeah, this was one of those times where I had a few beers and was pretty happy!

V0 mp3s, HERE

Kárin Tatoyan set from late last year, a very emotional performance! She had a bad week and was just suffering from turmoil. She exposed herself emotionally but still kept cool. This was at the Echoplex and boy, did I remember this performance, it got me emotional from all her sorrow. Enjoy this set!

V0 mp3s, HERE

Pelican set from 3/27/09, @ the Troubadour, an awesome performance! Man, these guys played a long set! They played all of their Ephemeral EP and the latest 7" release. They even closed with "The Woods!" This was such a memorable night. Enjoy this amazing set of new and old songs!

V0 mp3s, HERE

Amazing Bill This Past Evenin'

It was a night of metal mayhem... or a night of death metal mayhem. Yeah, it's going back to my high school roots, but it was at the Cobalt Cafe of all places!!! It was a great show, got there super early which meant meandering through high school bands that played this night. There were many a skilled guitarists in the 1st few bands that played.

BUT, I have to say that the best noodlin' of the night goes to Slaughterbox. Blazing fast tapping, crazy blast beats, and of course the cookie monster vocals to go with. Their set was awesome. Afterwards was IntrOnaut, which was the main reason why I came to the show. They played a great set, unfortunately they didn't unveil any new songs for this evening. My highlight was IntrOnaut playing Sundial, which is my favorite song by them. The night was closed with a set by Cattle Decapitation. The kick drums sounded like triggered kick drums and had that classic clicking sound. The guitarist had a few pedals of choice and I was impressed with his use of the Whammy pedal. The vocalist was screaming cookies!!! Classic and brutal at the same time.

I did record IntrOnaut, and a bit of Cattle Decapitation. Wish I had known about Slaughterbox, but didn't get them. I ran out of space on the Ed, for C.D.

Oh yeah, I have to thank Derek for giving me his wonderful idea of interviewing bands and putting them up here on my blog. Slaughterbox will be my first offering for this NEW venture!!!


Intronaut are writing new material for their next album and have been documenting the sessions. You can check out the first in a planned series of webisodes from the writing sessions online HERE.

Glassjaw have mapped out the following three Californian shows for November:
November 11th Los Angeles, CA - The Mayan Theater
November 12th Pomona, CA - The Glass House
November 13th San Francisco, CA - The Regency Ballroom

Prime Directive Records are currently putting together a remastered collection of Disembodied's first few 7" outings for release on a single CD. The outing will be titled "Psalms Of Sheol" and will see a release in the near future. The group will be playing the Ieper Fest in Belgium this coming Sunday, August 30th.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Friday Nights @ the Gap

Just returned from my buddy Shon's acoustic performance with his band, Friday Nights. Mike (acoustic guitar) and Jerry (percussion) did an awesome job of playing this evening. Unfortunately there were problems with Shon's loaned acoustic bass during much of the last half of the 1st set and through out the 2nd set. It was the electronics of the acoustic bass which was the issue. But it was good overall in which Mike and Jerry held it together. Both sets were recorded on the Ed and Shon will tweak the recordings for me on his Pro Tools rig.

Oh yeah, mid last week I decided to buy a 16GB SDHC card for the Ed. Man! That's a lot of memory, but good enough to last me awhile hopefully.

I'm upset this evening after getting an email from my friend's boyfriend that his friend bought a four pack of tix to Mastodon, Dethklok, Converge & HIgh on Fire. I waited out for this guy to return my email re: me buying a four pack of tix to go to this show. It sucks cause it's at the Palladium and they are SUPER strict about security and they use magnetic wands. Oh well, not sure if I'm going to this show at all, thanks, Nick, you're a dick! And fuck you Live Nation!!!

Coming up I've got an Intronaut & Cattle Decapitation show @ the Cobalt Cafe on Friday.

Then Mew the following week!!! Yippee!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My findings... A Field Reporter's Guide

Last night El Ten Eleven played @ the Bootleg Theater. They played a majority of new songs while visiting from each of their previous releases. 2 titles of 2 of the new songs that were played last night were: "Indian Winter" & "Marriage is the new going steady." Oh yeah, I had to leave during their encore of "My Only Swerving" & "Disorder (Joy Division cover)." So those last 2 songs were not recorded. I do have their cover of "Disorder" from a Hotel Cafe show from earlier this year, but may not have released it. I still have to get an ok if I can upload last night's show altho they are doing a tour in the last quarter of the year. BUT I also have to ask Kristian & Tim if they've begun recording their 4th effort yet and to see if they're doing it on their own. Lots of questions to ask!!! I'll report "my findings" here later.

Last Tuesday I went to the Center of Performing Arts in Eagle Rock to see Sunn O))) perform. It was my first time seeing them and the openers: The Accused & Eagle Twin. While waiting in line for the show I overheard that Gentry was playing... WHOA, Gentry of Iceburn & The Iceburn Collective? Shoot, I should've worn my Iceburn Collective shirt from the 90's. Gentry's new band is called, "Eagle Twin." It's a 2 piece w/him on guitar/vocals & a awesome drummer. I'm not good w/genre's but Gentry's guitar was tuned the lowest you could ever go on a guitar. Absolutely heavy and sludgey. Good stuff...

Travelling in a short spanned time machine, I went to see Torche & Big Business @ the Knitting Factory on the 5th (Wednesday) for a Scion FREE metal show. It was a free show, good god, the line was long but we all managed to get in as long as you're in the RSVP list so they can email their crap about Scion Cars. Big Business was amazing and Torche was fantastic. BTW, that night I wore my Riddle of Steel shirt using the Motorhead "Hell dog" logo and Travis (right? Lead sing of Torche, or his name is???) complimented my shirt and said that Andrew was a possible candidate for being Torche's 2nd guitarist. So there was a rapport w/Andrew and Travis at one point. That would have been real interesting!!! Bring some tapping madness to Torche??!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Boilermaker is up from '01

Live Boilermaker from Casbah's. It was the "Leucadia" CD release party. Might have been the last known Boilermaker show before the disbanded/went on hiatus. This is the 2nd edition that was eq'd yesterday. There's some hiss in the last song and a skip from the minidisc on the 3rd song. 'Ere tis in all its glory:

Boilermaker 10/7/01 V0/mp3

The last time I saw Terrin play was when he joined Pinback for a single show @ the Orange County Performing Arts Center with El Ten Eleven. Actually he did that tour for 2008 with Pinback now that I recall. He played keyboards and some bass. That show will eventually be redone too and be uploaded sometime in the future. Oh yeah, I did see Terrin and the Jade Shader in 2006 I believe opening for the Life and Times (@ Spaceland). That was an awesome show and I regret to inform that I didn't record their set. That was the 1st and last time I'll ever see the Jade Shader. Sad...

Your fans miss you,
Terrin Durfey R.I.P.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My latest torrent on The Den

I put up over the weekend a torrent of the mp3s I put up a couple weeks back of Shiner & Houston on May 19, 2002.

Here's the link to the torrent:

The Trader's Den

It's in FLAC format, in case you don't understand what FLAC is, here's the wiki for it:

FLAC wikipedia

Alrighty then, well, I must get ready for my class, I'll be seeing Torche & Big Business tomorrow @ the Knitting Factory. Should be a fun show!