Sunday, September 27, 2009

Uploaded Shows Update Pt 3

Just uploaded this monster of a show of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum at the Key Club, it weighs in at 181MB and took an hour to upload. I even got some shut eye while uploading this bad boy. Anyways, the whole set is amazing and a very memorable one. Must get some shut eye, so here it is:

V0/mp3, here

Friday, September 25, 2009

Uploaded Shows Update Pt 2

Hey folkers, I just uploaded Intronaut's set from the Echoplex. This'll be a brief update just for the show cause I have to leave for a friend's place this morning.

V0/mp3, here

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Uploaded Shows Update Pt 1

Well, I tried figuring out most of the song titles for the sets I worked on yesterday (check yesterday's post). I just emailed System and Station, Intronaut, The Outline, and The Valley Arena for help w/their sets. I'll have some difficulty with the Sleepytime Gorilla Museum show tho, a lot of new songs there.

Here's a recording of Chavez @ the Bowery Room in NYC. NOTE: The soundman had his head up his ass cos the guitars were drowned in bass. You can barely hear both guitars in the mix. I don't really know if this show was worthwhile or not. Here it is:


Here's a recording of Josh Klinghoffer's Dot Hacker live @ El Cid. There was a set time snafu and Dot Hacker played so late that I had to leave for fear of not getting to my buddy's place in time. The last song gets cut. So enjoy what was recorded:


So just waiting on those 4 sets that I emailed those band's myspaces. So please be patient!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Busy B!!!

Today I worked on the following shows to be uploaded:

-Chavez: Jackie Ferry Benefit, 1st Reunion show. *
-Dot Hacker: 2nd show I've recorded.
-IntrOnaut: Echoplex show w/Kylesa.
-Sleepytime Gorilla Museum: Key Club show, ~2 hours
-System and Station: Knitting Factory show, Turnout=FAIL
-The Outlines: Silverlake Lounge show w/Noodles
-The Valley Arena: Echoplex w/Denali

* Denotes that this is a Minidisc transfer.

The minidisc transfer was done a few weeks ago and I finally got around to splicing it today. The other shows were recorded directly to Ed. The reason why I did so many shows is that 5 of the 6 are short shows. The Sleepytime Gorilla Museum show however was almost 2 hours!!! Boy, that was a long process to cut up the show and eq'ing that baby. That file was HUGE! Anyways, when I get the right song titles for these shows, I will upload these hopefully by tomorrow. Until then, stay golden!

Monday, September 21, 2009

9-9-9 upside down # of the beast!

I recently uploaded a show from 2 weeks ago of Emily Wells on the infamous date, 9/9/09. She was amazing and performed all by herself without her 2 bandmates. It was stripped down and bare. Still she was armed with her Violin, Boss RC50, and other instruments. Of course she played what may seem to be her signature hit, "Juicy" by the late Notorious BIG. From what another fan at the show said that he heard the tune on KCRW. She really makes the song her own and it's far apart from the original. Her other songs are hers tho, well-crafted symphonies, if you will. She has a unique way of ensnaring the audience with her skills as a violinist and intricate live sampling.

On a side note, this was how I stumbled upon Emily Wells. El Ten Eleven played at Hotel Cafe the night she was playing. I had a conversation with Emily and Kristian while discussing the advantages of the Boss RC50 sampling pedal. Kristian had it for a bit and tried learning it, BUT he's set in his ways and opts for 3 separate looping pedals. None of which is the Boss RC50.

So here's the show, for your downloading pleasure:

V0/mp3, Here

Next is the 1996 set from Lollapalooza of Thirty Ought Six at the Irvine Meadows. I remember it was a HOT day that day on August 3rd. The heat was sweltering. The band played on through their own faucets of sweat. While the sting of the mosquito was unknown, the sonic blasts continued on pulverizing each listener. Oh, BTW, this set was recorded in Lo-Fi cassette and was transferred recently to my Ed. I beefed up the sound by eq'ing it a bit for loudness. This was the 1st of 2 days at Lollapalooza.

Enjoy this ear-melting punishment for your downloading pleasure:

V0/mp3, Here

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Updated the HTML for el1011

Yes, as the subject implies, the formatting for the site has been updated. It's a simple menu add for the features of the site.

I received some emails complaining that they couldn't download my shows. AND it dawned on me, some people were going to the wrong link for "My List of Boots." That's a static page with no hyperlinks, when at the bottom of the "old" page had the links for the downloads.

My site is live once again! If you see in my list I have something of interest please feel free to email me your request.

It lives!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

YYYs in Concert Last Ev'ning

Well, it was my first time at a Yeah Yeah Yeahs show. I have to say I was impressed by Karen O's energy on stage. Quite entertaining I must say.

The day started yesterday leaving home about 10:50 AM for Pomona. Traffic was not bad at all and I arrived there at 12:30 PM. Altho, google had the incorrect address for the Fox Theater, I was able to walk over to the correct address that it was at on W Third St instead of Garey Ave.

There were a few fans there in line and introduced myself. Met Andrew, Carla, and a couple others where I forgot the formalities. All nice people!!! There's a great rapport with fans of this particular band.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the doors were @ 8pm and the first band would go on @ 9pm. So I was basically at the Fox Theater for the majority of the day. Ace stopped by for a bit and I held his place in line. Turns out that the 21+ crowd were given first dibs in the front, so I saved what I could for Ace to get up there.

HERE IT IS, Enjoy:


Here's some vids to tide you over, via Ace:


Y Control

Dull Life

Maps (Acoustic)

Soft Shock

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Slaughterbox Tour Unfolds!!!

At 9pm tonight I interviewed Pete Chavez, the drummer for Slaughterbox. A technical deathgrind band according to This will be my maiden voyage in interviewing for my blog and setting up a podcast for it as well. Just got to wait for the CD in the mail to add as background music for the podcast. I listened to the beginning of the interview on the Ed and it sounds great from recording from a cellphone (in speakerphone mode). The podcast will be about 30min long and I have to decide how to go about on releasing it. Might have to consult Kristian for advice since he's done a few podcasts, hopefully he can point me in the right direction. This will be interesting tho...
Slaughterbox West Coast Tour dates
Sep 26 2009 1:00pm530 FEST at the Thermalito Grange???Oroville, California
Nov 13 2009 5:00pmBubba Thrashers [ALL AGES]Super Happy Story Time LandRedding, CA
Nov 14 2009 8:00pmTBASuper Happy Story Time LandHumboldt County, CA
Nov 15 2009 6:00pmGilman Street [ALL AGES]Super Happy Story Time LandBerkley, CA
Nov 16 2009 8:00pmTBASuper Happy Story Time LandTBA, CA
Nov 17 2009 8:00pmThe Pharaohs Den [ALL AGES]Super Happy Story Time Land, Bedlam of Cacophony, Pencil Lead Syringe, The Last of LucyRiverside, CA
Nov 18 2009 6:00pmThe FarmSuper Happy Story Time LandLas Vegas, NV
Nov 19 2009 8:00pmTBASuper Happy Story Time Land, Sarafan, more info TBATucson, AZ
Nov 20 2009 8:00pmOld World Brewery [ALL AGES]Super Happy Story Time Land, Meathook, Bedlam of Cacophony and more TBA Phoenix, AZ
Nov 21 2009 8:00pmTBASuper Happy Story Time LandSan Diego, CA
Nov 22 2009 8:00pmTBASuper Happy Story Time LandFresno, CA
Nov 23 2009 8:00pmThe Blue Lagoon [21+]Super Happy Story Time LandSanta Cruz, CA
Nov 24 2009 8:00pmTBASuper Happy Story Time LandTBA, CA
Nov 25 2009 8:00pmTBASuper Happy Story Time LandChico, CA
Nov 27 2009 8:00pmTBASuper Happy Story Time LandEugene, OR
Nov 28 2009 8:00pmThe Galway Arms [21+]Super Happy Story Time LandSeattle, WA

Friday, September 11, 2009


This morning I had some time to transfer a minidisc to Ed after I woke up early for a blood test. The minidisc I put in was for Chavez's set from the Jackie Ferry benefit. It was a short performance since there were a lot of bands playing that night. Well, upon putting the minidisc in I usually have to see what the last track is for the set but discovered 4 sets of over 30min sets by Retisonic, The New Transit Direction, and 2 other bands that sounded like "Midwest Rock" that I was not familiar with.

I remember recording the Retisonic, but it was a surprise that I recorded all the sets that evening at the Silverlake Lounge! Pretty excited to get this onto my site and can't wait to share. I think I'm going to work on Emily Well's set tonight or tomorrow, whichever time allows.

Shoot I snafu'd, I had set the Ed for 24bit/48kHz recording and should've set it for 16bit/44kHz instead. So, I have to re-do Chavez, King's X, Retisonic, The New Transit Direction and the 2 nameless bands. Oh well, it's a labor of love!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Highlights of Last Evening

I got to Echo Park about 7pm and got some bread pudding from Masa of Echo Park before heading over to the show last night. Also stopped by Origami Vinyl which is one of The Echo's neighbors. Pretty cool vinyl selections and Sean (employee of Origami Vinyl) told me briefly how FYF Fest was. Wish I had gone, sounded like a lot of fun and a great line up of bands. I had a prior engagement that day that prevented me from going, but it was a joyous occasion for my buddy LaRon who got married.

Well, there were a bunch of singer/songwriters last night that was topped off by a stunning performance by Emily Wells. Since I got to Echo park early I watched almost all the acts except the last one because it was a late set and I wanted to get home. About Emily's set, it was a "naked" set for she was by her lonesome for her performance--without her backing band of drums & bass/stand up bass. A-mazing!!! She pulled off her songs with such elegance. If you haven't heard of Emily Wells but want to know--she samples herself live with I believe is a Boss RC50 sampling pedal. Damn, she's talented and pulls off her samples that she plays live to perfection. Certain songs had long intros but it was worth watching this "mad scientist" at work. She is a must-see-live act and I've only heard her songs on myspace (but I did purchase her newest EP) but need to do some catching up with her studio recordings. Emily is ever so gracious and gave me the thumbs up on putting up her set on the 'nets. I haven't gotten around to splicing the show yet, I will tho soon since some peeps are patiently waiting for it. Oh yeah, she does an outstanding version of a Notorious BIG song. Her swooning is excellent!!!

Anyways, I'm working on right now a King's X minidisc transfer as well as 2 Chavez shows from 2006/2007, a few Open Hand shows and more!!! Hang in there folks, my company consists of my computer and myself...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Circuitry of the Mew Part 2

Alright, I just uploaded the Mew show from Detroit Bar last night. I think it came out much better than the Troub show by far. The set itself was longer than the Troub set too! That was a big bonus for me.

Costa Mesa is a far place to go, but it was worth going w/my buddy, Cas, and his wife. Detroit Bar is in an outdoor plaza and is a strange place to hold a venue. Parking is bad there, very bad, you have to park in a neighboring residential area. The place was TINY!!! Holds fewer than the Troub and more intimate. Mew brought a HUGE projector with them or at least rented one. They were amazing last night. Glad to have recorded them.

BTW, the opener was a local band which was an odd fitting. Country-ish swooning... meh...

And without further adieu again:

V0/mp3s here

Monday, September 7, 2009

I have No Knife...

Alright, I finally got around to redoing this show and boy was I glad that I did. From the original rip I must've lost track of one of the songs and it disappeared. This particular night was the CD release party for No Knife's "Riot For Romance" with Houston and Denali opening at Casbah's in San Diego. It was such a great night for all three bands, I should've recorded Denali but had no idea who they were. I realized after the fact that the minidisc that I used for Houston was bad and it's evident in the recording. Oh yeah, the Casbah's was nice enough for me to get a soundboard recording. Although the levels for the Houston set were poor it was an ok set for them. However, the set for No Knife was pretty good even though the bass was not prevalent.

Houston's set:
V0/mp3s, HERE

No Knife's set:
V0/mp3s, HERE

The next set I worked on yesterday was for Houston's set 4 days after the No Knife CD Release Party which was in LA at a rundown joint called the Garage. I miss that place. They had to close down a bit after awhile I think. Oh yeah, Jeff is having some technical difficulties and decided to roast Guitar Center for a bit. This was a great set and the recording came out well.

Houston's set:
V0/mp3s, HERE

The last set I worked on yesterday was for the band, Year of the Rabbit. This set sounds real nice and even better eq'd for loudness! This was one of the earlier shows in its career as a band. Ken Andrews knows how to capture sound really well and makes standard tuning guitars sound dropped tuned!!! Enjoy this set...

Year of the Rabbit' set:
V0/mp3s, HERE

Stay tuned, kiddies, tonight is the 2nd Mew show and hopefully I'll be prepared to do a better recording than the Troubadour. Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

FREE Scion Show and...

FREE Scion Metal Show
10/8 in LA, CA and Atlanta, GA. RSVP here:

Cave in and Coalesce are the bands that are playing that evening!!! Maybe the last FREE Scion Show @ the Knitting Factory. Gonna get there early!

My buddy's are in this great progressive rock outfit and have finally made their mp3s available for public consumption here:

The 4 song EP they recorded a few years ago is ready for your d/ling pleasure!!! mp3s start @ 9cents/mp3

Another show is lined up for tomorrow at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa. This will be my first visit at this small venue!!! Can't wait!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Circuitry of the Mew

Ahhh, was waiting for this day for a long time. Well, it was Mew at the Troubadour and they were fantastic! This was the first time I ever saw them. This was on the 1st of September, 2 nights ago and the crowd was into it. I've heard a friend that it wasn't their typical set (lengthwise), prolly because they weren't headlining a larger venue and to a larger audience is my guess. AND it wasn't a huge tour.

There were some complications with the recording, I had set up the Ed far too high at the beginning of this recording and it suffered thru "New Terrain." Sorry about this, the next show will be recorded better with much improvement than this one. This was the evening that they played "Beach" for the 1st time live to an audience, which was nice. My highlight of the night was watching them play "Hawaii," that's my favorite song off the new album by them.

Well without a further adieu, here is the Mew recording at the Troub:

V0 mp3s, Here!