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FNMv2.0 2nd and Final Night

...Of The Alex's Bar

Animals No More


Goldston not Goldstein or Goldsten

The 10th Pelican

Are you Envious?

Helming Alee


ProfCalc Hits the Net w/NEW EP

L 10 11 in Deli Mag's Artist of the Month Poll

1 Sword Ticket Available: Face Value

Casually It Is

Autolux-"The Bouncing Wall" @ the Glasshouse Pomona, CA 9-17-10

Autolux-"Supertoys" @ the Glasshouse Pomona, CA 9-17-10

Autolux-"Spots" @ the Glasshouse Pomona, CA 9-17-10

Autolux-"Headless Sky" @ the Glasshouse Pomona, CA 9-17-10

Autolux-"High Chair" @ the Glasshouse Pomona, CA 9-17-10

Autolux-"Census" @ the Glasshouse Pomona, CA 9-17-10

My buddy's Autolux Vids


Not the Cartoon Russian Spy...

L1011 Live


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...Of The Actuary Horizon



Far Between

Red Animal Leaders As Sparowes

Caspian Of The Calculus Horizon

Fang Motif

Island of the Fang Pt 1

Philming Casually Ministry

Lux Auto

Lucky Autos/Record Store Day

Far out, DUDE!!

Banana Melt

Club My War 0))) 4/4/10

Connecting The Dots Pt 2

Good Ole Dorothy, Pt2

Connecting The Dots

Good Ole Dorothy

Hackin' The Dots

Totally Philm Live!!!

The Circuit of Brant

Brant's Casual Philm

Serpent & the Rainbow

Rainbow & The Serpent

A Builder of Light: Report

A Storm Of Shrines:Report

FREE Of The Horizon


Go "Rocket Skates!!!" Go

Unholy Smoke!

Doomriders @ The Roxy

Of The Horizon!!!

Of The Young Horizon Widows


The Cobra is Black pt 1

Black Riders

We Be Eleven

Totally Dysrhythmia

The Return of the Lagger!!!

Houston 11/2/01 Live in TX

My 1st Podcast (not up yet)

Anodyne says...

March Release for Honey

Take That With My 'Open Hand'

Happy Nude Years!