Good Ole Dorothy

Bless her soul, Dot Hacker played 2 nights ago. Finally getting a chance to write about their set. It was good to see Josh in form once again since it had been February 2009 opening for Jane's Addiction and the El Cid show. Almost a good year since then. Josh was way more animated as he played guitar or keyboards (mini rhodes?). It was a beautiful set. I enjoyed it even tho I had just started a bout with a cold.

I did record the set, but there was 1 snafu w/recording that particular set. I didn't realize that I had the "Low Cut" on so it deprived the recording of the natural bass that should accompany my boots. That was why I had such a low recording, BUT I could boost the bass by equalizing it. We shall see. I shall work on it tonight. Here's the setlist:

01 Be Leaving
02 Puncture
03 IdleIdolIdyl
04 Inhibition
05 Order/Disorder
06 Eye Opener
07 The Wit Of The Staircase

I shall be attending this Saturday's show as well @ Spaceland again. I'm excited again. This time I will check the settings on the Ed. Anyways, I gotta recup, but I'll be hopefully uploading the show tonight or tomorrow.


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