Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good Ole Dorothy

Bless her soul, Dot Hacker played 2 nights ago. Finally getting a chance to write about their set. It was good to see Josh in form once again since it had been February 2009 opening for Jane's Addiction and the El Cid show. Almost a good year since then. Josh was way more animated as he played guitar or keyboards (mini rhodes?). It was a beautiful set. I enjoyed it even tho I had just started a bout with a cold.

I did record the set, but there was 1 snafu w/recording that particular set. I didn't realize that I had the "Low Cut" on so it deprived the recording of the natural bass that should accompany my boots. That was why I had such a low recording, BUT I could boost the bass by equalizing it. We shall see. I shall work on it tonight. Here's the setlist:

01 Be Leaving
02 Puncture
03 IdleIdolIdyl
04 Inhibition
05 Order/Disorder
06 Eye Opener
07 The Wit Of The Staircase

I shall be attending this Saturday's show as well @ Spaceland again. I'm excited again. This time I will check the settings on the Ed. Anyways, I gotta recup, but I'll be hopefully uploading the show tonight or tomorrow.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hackin' The Dots

Hi folks, here's an update for today, the following was emailed to me from Nate. He has been communicating w/Mr. Klinghoffer and got the song titles for the 2 shows that I recorded. Here's the tracklisting:

Dot Hacker
The Echoplex

1 Order/Disorder
3 IdleIdolIdyl
4 Eye Opener
5 The Earth Beneath
6 The Wit Of The Staircase

2/27/2009 El Cid

1 Order/Disorder
3 The Wit Of The Staircase
4 IdleIdolIdyl
5 Eye Opener (Cut)

On a sidenote: Dot Hacker is playing again this coming Monday @ Spaceland w/Warpaint, FOR FREE!!!

On an unrelated sidenote: ...Of The Horizon is playing a FREE show @ Mountain Bar in Chinatown. Show starts @ 9pm. Special guests: Voodoo Merchant.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Totally Philm Live!!!

This will be my first recording of Dave Lombardo's new band, Philm. They were AWESOME!!! They're playing again tonight which I'll do my best to record as well again. So, I got an email from Pancho the bassist that it's cool to distribute the recording thru my site:

Philm show will be released once I receive the mp3s from Pancho who is going to master it himself.

Also just uploaded a set of the duo called Totally Serious. Instrumental Prog? I dunno, but good stuff, fast fretwork!!! Drums and a Bass.

Totally Serious / AACm4as

The Circuit of Brant

Good morning folks! Here's a boot update from me!

Last night I updated the site w/The Joy CIrcuit from the Viper Room in 2004 and Brant Bjork @ Vacation Vinyl from 3/18/09. A few people were asking for The Joy Circuit so I went ahead and re-transferred it to the Edirol and it's now ready for consumption. This was one of the few performances in which I recorded on Minidisc. I do have another show of theirs from Spaceland, so be on the look out for that.

Brant Bjork was the drummer of Kyuss and played with Fu Manchu among other bands. This was a FREE show @ Vacation Vinyl. Awesome set too. Wish I had gone to the Echo show the night before. But now I'm a new fan of his! Oh, if you know the songtitles to this set, please email me! Thanks! OH NOTE, I do not know the song titles to Brant's set, any help would be apprecated in RE: to this.

Joy Circuit / V0mp3s

Brant Bjork / V0mp3s

Friday, March 19, 2010

Brant's Casual Philm

Hi folks,

I recorded the Brant Bjork set last night at Vacational Vinyl. What an awesome set, I'm not all that familiar with his solo stuff but definitely the Kyuss music. Need to get me solo albums and Fu Manchu. Played for a little over a half an hour which was great because it was FREE! Need to get song titles probably from other fans and maybe wait till the album drops in a week and a half. I'll try to splice it tonight and wonder if I should upload w/o the song titles?

Last week Sunday, was a smorgasborg of metal. About 5 or 6 bands played a FREE show @ the Dragonfly. Pretty sweet! The highlighted bands that I recorded were It's Casual and Philm. Both bands breathed new life into me. Damn good sets by both! I had to leave during the 2nd song of Jucifer so I did not have the chance to record them. They were loud!!!!! Philm was fantastic, Dave Lombardo was nailing the skins pretty hard! The rest of the dudes in the band are super cool! I'll try to get around to getting them up online this weekend. Not exactly sure when, but stay tuned here!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Serpent & the Rainbow

Just uploaded these to the server. Enjoy the sets!

Open Hand's set from 2 nights ago:

3/11/10 / V0mp3s

Sweet Cobra's set from October of last year opening for Pelican:

10/28/09 / V0mp3s

Friday, March 12, 2010

Rainbow & The Serpent

It was hot in that little room last night, Open Hand played a nice set and seared through 10 songs at the Rainbow Bar and Grill. Hardly any circulation in that place, but the energy was there nonetheless. The highlights of the set were the new songs, BUT they were the same ones that they played at Spaceland on 1/4 of this year. I was hoping more newer songs, but that was all in their repertoire for this evening.

I didn't get a chance to ask, but Alex Organ is not in the Hand. The drummer who did play though had a small electronic pads to activate samples from the album--that was a bonus for me. They had the intro to the album for "Herons," "Cool's intro from the movie Parenthood, and the BIg Trouble in Little China sample in "Hard Night."

More personnel changes: 1 of the Angels was dropped, the short Asian girl was not there as well.

I'm pretty excited for this album to drop and will pre-order the album next week Monday on the 15th. The album will be released on April 20th and remember folks, Open Hand is not releasing the album, but Anodyne Records is. Hence, the record label is responsible for releasing this. The band is just responsible for the music, not the politics behind the album.

I'll try to splice the show tonight and upload till then. Take care all!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Builder of Light: Report

2 nights ago was the 2nd night of Shrinebuilder and A Storm of Light. The opener was a band called Night Horse, which featured members of Ancestors and Bluebird. The night started late but I was able to get home in a timely manner. Earlier in the day they had an event at the Echo but discovered during soundcheck that the PA was not working. So the Echo crew had to scramble to rent PA speakers or else they would've canceled the show. The sound was not great of course and the levels weren't conducive to recording. This time there weren't any technical difficulties for A Storm of Light, thankfully. They played an awesome set. Shrinebuilder was great too, they covered each others songs from each of their respective bands, pretty cool. The night went on and I got out about 1240am, just in time for my ride to pick me up. It was a good nite indeed. This nite was packed which was good!

On a side note, I have bad news about tomorrow night, Sunday's Philm show @ the Dragonfly--I won't be able to make it due to health reasons. It's something I have to take seriously and will have to bow out this Sunday. I will cover hopefully Philm one of these days, but not tomorrow or next Friday when they play with Jucifer. I'll be okay. It will take some time, but it'll be worth it.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Storm Of Shrines:Report

Hey folks, so last night the opening band, "Green and Wood," had some technical difficulties with a full stack of Orange amps. The girl's guitar could not be heard through out the set. Sux. Then A Storm of Light came on and the guitarist/singer had an amp malfunction of some sort resulting in a huge buzzing sound. So their set was cut REALLY short--I mean 2 long songs and that was it, but not long enough past 20 minutes. Hopefully tonight will make up for that. I noticed that the place wasn't packed and according to a friend it wasn't a good idea to have 2 CA dates back to back. So the fans were spread thin and it wasn't sold out. It was a good crowd, but there was still energy in the air from Shrinebuilder. Man, the bass was loud and prominent, moreso than the guitars! I think it will be evident in the recording so stay tuned folks! Tonight is round 2, should be fun, I'm trying to remember who's the 1st band which was in the recent Spaceland email blast. This Friday and Saturday are dedicated to splicing and dicing the recent shows, so they should be up by Sunday or Monday night. I need to buy the CD or crunch down on the LP w/the D/L card. Not sure, but I might be going to Coachella now, we shall see...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

FREE Of The Horizon

...Of The Horizon

Doomy Stoner Rock, check out my 2 boots and tell me what you think.

Download here/V0mp3

PLUS, they are playing a FREE show this Sunday @ the Dragonfly (YES, the Dragonfly is starting to have cool shows again). March 7th. 5 bands are playing as well as Dave Lombardo's new band called Philm. If you don't know who that is, here's a refresher; he's the drummer for Slayer!!! My buddies in ...Of The Horizon have seen Philm and it reminds them of the Jesus Lizard or that kind of Chicago style rock!

IT'S FREE!!! If you're available and want to check this out, RSVP to the event on FB!!!!

Be there or be square!!!