Thursday, May 27, 2010

Far Between

Last weekend was a blast seeing FAR. They always put on a great show and never disappoint. Jonah is an outstanding frontman and knows how to read the crowd and gives and receives the energy from the audience. This was an awesome set and it was a mixture of new and old. "Dear Enemy" off the new record is by far (pun intended) my favorite song. The title track of their new album, "At Night We Live" was a song written for Chi Cheng and his family and is a hopeful song. For the spirit of Chi, here's the set in its entirety:

FAR / V0mp3s

A quadrilogy of metal occurred on the night of May 7th at the Fox Theatre. In order of appearance, Valient Thorr, Baroness, Between the Buried and Me, and Mastodon. Holy moly, what an amazing show. This was an incredible night seeing all these bands on the same stage. However supporting act, Between the Buried and Me brought on a brutal set of 4 songs from their repertoire. Seems like a short set? Nah, all 4 songs clock in over 8 min at least--two of which are over 10min. These metalcore proggers don't disappoint. NOTE: at the beginning of the set there were technical difficulties that possibly shortened the set. Without a further adieu:

Between The Buried And Me / V0mp3s

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Red Animal Leaders As Sparowes

Animals As Leaders, April 13th, 2010, The Glass House, Pomona, CA

An incredible live band, Animals As Leaders are super technical and progressive while utilizing 8 string guitars for the super low end. This trio (no bass necessary) opened for Dillinger Escape Plan & Darkest Hour in April. Their S/T album is amazing and this set was jaw dropping. Listen now:

Animals As Leaders / V0mp3

Red Sparowes, May 8th, 2010, Echoplex, Echo Park, CA

This was a nice set by the Sparowes. They played mostly new stuff from their latest release, "The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer." A few songs from their previous albums were mixed in for good measure. The crowd was into the whole set. The visuals were cool too. So without a further adieu:

Red Sparowes / V0mp3

Monday, May 17, 2010

Caspian Of The Calculus Horizon

YAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I'm catching up on shows, but also getting behind in uploading them up for you!!!

Caspian March 25th, 2010 Pehrspace, Los Angeles, CA

These guys were amazing! My virgin ears were ringing. I went to this show not having heard Caspian and went cause of peer pressure from 5tuart and 5pencer. Boy this night was great, opening for Caspian were Beware Of Safety and Arms & Sleepers. All bands were fantastic! Caspian put on a solid set and Phil said that this show is to make up for the past 3 years that they haven't been here to play a show. Loved every note. Glad these guys had the opportunity to open for Red Sparowes and Fang Island in the midwest. Here is their set:

Caspian / V0mp3

...Of The Horizon March 28th, 2010 Mountain Bar, Los Angeles, CA

A free show??? GET OUT OF HERE!!! Heck yeah on being ever present for the Horizon!!! Fell in love with this band ever since they played their show with Black Cobra @ the Relax Bar!!! A-mazing! But this night was special cause they played a nice set with a NEW song. I recently spoke to Steve (drummer) and he said that they're still working on the title to that one AND that they have a ton of new material in the works. Without further adieu:

...Of The Horizon / V0mp3

Professor Calculus May 1st, 2010 KAOS Network, Los Angeles, CA

Man, this area is not safe. A bum with an open gash wanting to fight and harassing the patrons waiting for the doors to open. Yeah, that'll be my last time there. Forget that place!!! But here is some math rock for your ears to settle down in your spacesuit and spaceship:

Professor Calculus / V0mp3

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fang Motif

The last 2 nights of dredg were incredible and both differed a bit. 1st night sold out the day of the show and there was people getting rough during the entire set even during the slow songs. My buddy and I couldn't figure that out but at least the 2nd night was relaxed and no roughness around the edges. Both nights the sets were similar but mixed up for good measure. Oh yeah, these shows and small tour was a celebration for the release of Leitmotif (11th year anniversary), which featured said album in the set. Pretty sweet and Gus the opera singer who sang on the album also sang both nights. At the show for the merch they were selling pre-orders for the Leitmotif vinyl. Enjoy the 1st night of dredg at the Troubadour.

dredg / V0mp3

Thanks Alex for telling me about this band, I'm in love with this band and its ruckus energy! They played at Amoeba for a FREE in-store and they were GRREEAAATTTT!!!! Enjoy this set. NOTE: there were technical difficulties at the soundcheck and the bass is a little loud at the beginning.

Fang Island / V0mp3

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Island of the Fang Pt 1

Last week Saturday was the Red Sparowes show with Fang Island opening. There was another opener called Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound and just were not good at all. The mix was not so great for Fang Island--it's difficult to mix 3 guitars, a bass, and 2 keyboards. They played a fantastic set and blew away the audience! The crowd ushered the band to play 1 more song in which they played a Mariah Carey song called, "Always Be My Baby." That was a treat! I did record this past Monday's Amoeba in-store of Fang Island and that mix slayed!

Well, enjoy this Fang Island set.

Fang Island / V0mp3s