RIP Sean Roberts: Roll Model Demo

I found these mp3s on ages ago, when the original site of was sort of flourishing. It was the primordial beginnings of the mp3 movement for starting artists. These 2 mp3s were found probably around the early 2000s, if I recall correctly.

What I remember from stories that Tyrone told me via Pedro of Sunday's Best and who also was a co-worked of Tyrone. Tyrone would tell me that Sean had some issues with heroine and was at one point homeless in Los Angeles. Pedro tried to help Sean with housing and a job, but the urge of the addiction was so great that all of that was lain to waste. It was sad and disheartening to hear this.

Sean played all the instruments and sang.

I'm not really sure when Sean recorded these demos, but as you all may have noticed that Chad had left a comment that he helped Sean with these recordings. Hopefully we'll piece together a timeline for these tunes that Sean wrote. Here's the link to the 2 songs. NOTE: these are the way that I downloaded them from original form, as 128kbps mp3s. I'm hoping to get a higher bitrate files to pass on to all you folks. Hang in there, ppl!

Roll Model / V0 mp3


  1. thnx for these- just read the news in the willamette week here in portland- just feels sad this happens to musicians who get lost in addiction- happens way to often- got to see them live a few times back in the day, i was to nervous to say anything to sean cause he always looked so pissed when he sang, but i hear he was the nicest, sweetest person- always seems to be the case- thnx again-

  2. Hey Martin, it's all very true that he was a great person and that he would take the time to befriend most. A buddy of mine was also a fan of .30-06 and he wrote to Sean a couple months back. Sean complimented my friend's music and sent my buddy a bday greeting... That's how genuine Sean was... such a nice person besides being an awesome musician.

  3. thanks so much for posting these! Do any Umberhulk recordings exist? would love to hear them.

    1. If only we could change the settings for Sean's FB account to make it public, then everyone can see his page...

      The following track is "Mentat de Malduit:"

      The following trax are Umberhulk sans vocals:

  4. I only believe in god to see my musical idols in heaven.
    I hope to see you there Sean.


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