Ode to Sean, LAST .30-06 set

Man, this has been a long time coming for me to get my ears around this set/show I attended at the Roxy of Thirty Ought Six's final, FINAL, show! Right now, my mind is flooded with so much feeling and words that this will be a tough blog post to write at the moment.

Sean told me at the 1st or 2nd Lollapalooza date at the Irvine Meadows in 1996 that .30-06 were definitely breaking up when they return home from Los Angeles opening for Tad. I don't remember if it was Tad, OH YEAH, and the Cows (the band)! I asked Sean if it was possible to get a recording of the final show from the soundboard, he said it was kosher so I didn't bother bringing my cassette recorder to the gig. What a mistake that was...

What a beautiful set it was, it's short despite being the opener of the night. The band played some songs that typically don't show up in their set--3 songs that stand out are: Hussar, Moreau, and Eris. Hussar, NOTE: Sean was so tied up emotionally because of the impending break up of his band that he couldn't sing the lyrics. Moreau is one of those gems that renders the listener weak after Sean's soaring and pummeling vocals and crashing bass line. Eris, Eris, Eris has got to be one of my all-time favorite tunes by .30-06. The delivery of Paravecchio's drums... astounding.

In between songs, you can hear Sean's humor and thoughtfulness. He was absolutely a humble human being/musician. It was a couple years after this show happened that I scoured the internet for a copy of the last show thought tapetrader.com I think. I found someone who recorded it, but the email was no good and the guy probably moved on.

Thank you Facebook, for reuniting me with Sean Roberts, David Blunk, and Ryan Paravecchio and because of the .30-06 page and my new friend Alex Carmichael, I am finally reunited with a copy of the Roxy show. Thanks! So glad it was recorded! If it weren't I think I would be still incomplete!

Fast fwd to a couple years ago, I found a .30-06 message board and that's when I discovered Sean was healthy and moved to Virginia, I think... Ever since then, he's been gracious and kind to me as a fan. Sean even befriended my friend afterwards and he mentioned that "any friend of Kimo's is a friend of mine!"

.30-06 / V0mp3


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