Thursday, June 28, 2012

RIP Sean Roberts: Adamantine CD EP

I've got a few more things to release later, but I'm on a roll! Well sort of... This is a download of a CD single I bought from Mute UK a couple of years ago. YES, because sadly enough they didn't sell their stock out in the late 90s.

Adamantine is the video edit version. The B-sides to this single are the 7" versions of Talon and Moreau--straight from the studio not off of vinyl. I do have the vinyl and will give it a go to release the vinyl version of that later.


Death To All: Tribute to Chuck Schuldiner

Hey folks, this was a beast to upload tonight, but it sounds great and I hope all of you that weren't able to attend be able to reminisce of times listening to Chuck's music from the late 90's. I'll try to write up a roster of the band members with respect to the song they play on. I will always remember this night and relish every song that was played.

For me, Chuck reached out to me on the album, "Human." That album is a masterpiece of a record. The following albums fell off the radar for me as I outgrew death metal I guess. "Human" is such a progressive album, Sean Reinart's drumming is flawless and Paul Masvidal's guitar crunching is top notch!

On June 23rd, 2012, 4 "Human" songs were performed. This was a fair amount of "Human" that I wanted to listen to that made it on this recording. Oh, almost forgot to mention that Sean Reinart tore his Achilles Heel before the tour began. Luckily, Sean was a trooper and kept on trucking through many Death songs. Boy, they aren't simple either and that he probably wasn't advised to play drums for this tour. I'm betting that he has to recoup after the tour is over. Bonus, Danny Walker, of Intronaut learned how to play "Secret Face" off of "Human" to play in place of Sean. Amazing job, my friend!

Lineup 1:
Guitar / Vocals - Charles Elliott
Guitar - Paul Masvidal
Bass - Steve DiGiorgio
Drums - Sean Reinert

Lineup 2:
Guitar / Vocals - Charles Elliott
Guitar - Paul Masvidal
Bass - Steve DiGiorgio
Drums - Gene Hoglan

Lineup 3:
Guitar / Vocals - Matt Harvey
Guitar - Shannon Hamm
Bass - Steve DiGiorgio
Drums - Gene Hoglan

Lineup 4:
Guitar / Vocals - Matt Harvey
Guitar - Bobby Koelble
Bass - Scott Clendenin
Drums - Gene Hoglan

Rest assured, this is indeed a big file (~266MB), it was 2 hours and 20+min...

Death To All: Tribute To Chuck Schuldiner / V0mp3

SOPA redux

HOLLYWOOD IS HIJACKING THE COURTS AND POLICE. YOUR FILES IN GMAIL, FLICKR, PICASA, ETC. ARE IN JEOPARDY. Please sign the petition to keep our freedom on the internet. This hearing starts tomorrow! LINK

Marriages 2nd half at the Smell

The 2nd half of Marriages set from March 9, 2012 at the Smell in Downtown Los Angeles. The rest of what is now known as "Kitsune," led by Emma Ruth Rundles's haunting vocals and reverb-rich guitar. Greg's bass lines guide David's drums through chaos-filled experimental noise, but it all comes back to the subtle quiet beginnings of "Part The Dark Again." Then it lurches into a last chorus of unsettling raucous noise to cry out one last time.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Cruelest Animal album stream

Check out my buddy Alex's band, The Cruelest Animal, on bandcamp. He also drums for Bear Baiting. Stream it here while you peruse my blog...

Marriages live!

Live at the Smell in Downtown Los Angeles, Marriages is a new band featuring members of Red Sparowes. This was a great set put on by the trio. The date of this show was March 9th, 2012. This is the 1st 3 songs of the set. They played their latest release, Kitsune, from front to back!

Monday, June 18, 2012

RIP Sean Roberts: Umberhulk & more

If only we could change the settings for Sean's FB account to make it public, then everyone can see his page... The following track is "Mentat de Malduit:" Mentat de Malduit / Soundcloud The following trax are Umberhulk sans vocals:

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Open Hand 3/7/12 Slidebar

This a few months old, but I finally got around to doing it. I recorded and filmed the entire Open Hand set from 3/7/12 at the Slidebar. It was a great show. They opened with a new song but that had to be pulled due to it being new and now changed according to a member of Open Hand. The video is a little shoddy because of the focus on my camera. I'll be putting up more videos from this set later today.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

RIP Sean Roberts: .30-06 demos/outtakes

Here are 4 songs of either outtakes and demos: Indianapolis (demo) Jack Lord Long Beach Is A Motherfucker Tike (demo) These versions are amazing. NOTE:I think the Jack Lord mp3 had a issue with the original cassette transfer. Oh yeah, I totally blanked and don't remember who I traded to get these mp3s. Sorry about that...

.30-06 / 192kbps mp3s

RIP Sean Roberts: Roll Model Demo

I found these mp3s on ages ago, when the original site of was sort of flourishing. It was the primordial beginnings of the mp3 movement for starting artists. These 2 mp3s were found probably around the early 2000s, if I recall correctly.

What I remember from stories that Tyrone told me via Pedro of Sunday's Best and who also was a co-worked of Tyrone. Tyrone would tell me that Sean had some issues with heroine and was at one point homeless in Los Angeles. Pedro tried to help Sean with housing and a job, but the urge of the addiction was so great that all of that was lain to waste. It was sad and disheartening to hear this.

Sean played all the instruments and sang.

I'm not really sure when Sean recorded these demos, but as you all may have noticed that Chad had left a comment that he helped Sean with these recordings. Hopefully we'll piece together a timeline for these tunes that Sean wrote. Here's the link to the 2 songs. NOTE: these are the way that I downloaded them from original form, as 128kbps mp3s. I'm hoping to get a higher bitrate files to pass on to all you folks. Hang in there, ppl!

Roll Model / V0 mp3

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quicksand cover How Soon Is Now?

Last video uploaded for Quicksand's set at the Revelation Records 25th Anniversary show Night #3 at the Glass House, Pomona, CA. This is for their cover of The Smith's "How Soon Is Now?"

Monday, June 11, 2012

Quicksand live once again!

Wally, TC3, Sergio, and Alan hit the stage once again! The first 4 songs of their set at Revelation Records 25th Anniversary show at the Glass House in Pomona...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

RIP Sean D Roberts of Thirty Ought Six

It's with heavy heart that I received news this morning that Sean Roberts of Thirty Ought Six passed away. The energy that Thirty Ought Six gave at shows were immense and powerful. The last time I saw .30-06 was their last show in Los Angeles at the Roxy I think a day after the last 2 LA dates of Lollapalooza at the Irvine Meadows. Sean had told me on one of Lollapalooza dates that they were breaking up and that it would be the last show at the Roxy for the band. I went but had banked on the Roxy to record the set but that fell through. Ever since then, I've been trying to track down a cassette recording of the last show which I know exists b/c there was one fellow who put up his list of recordings and had recorded that Roxy show. Alas, another friend had recording of Eris, one of my favorite songs off of "Hag Seed," which they played at the last show.

BUT... there's more. One day when was a popular website for getting mp3s, I found Sean Roberts page and he had 2 songs for download at the time. This was long after .30-06 broke up, this was during the point where Sean was living in LA almost homeless due to the addictions of heroine. This was also much after Umberhulk existed as well, Sean recorded under the band name "Roll Model." After reuniting with Sean on Facebook, he corrected me that it was Roll, not Role Model, that he wanted it spelled that way. Anyways, I will upload the 2 songs that he recorded under this moniker for all fans alike.

You were a true friend, Sean, even though I only saw your band 5x in my life, those shows have had a profound affect on me. You influenced me to the highest degree. You were generous in your friendship by being friends with me, who I was known as uber-nerd for Thirty Ought Six... My condolences to his family, friends, David Blunk, and Ryan Paravecchio. Sean D. Roberts will be sorely missed. Love you, Sean! Start rehearsing for that grand concert in the sky for us with Kurt Cobain, Hendrix, etc...

RIP Sean D. Roberts

Friday, June 8, 2012

Another Into Another vid#2

Into Another - 09 Anxious - live at the Glass House, Pomona Revelation Records 25th Anniversary Nite Zero June 7th, 2012. Into Another Headlining

Into Another - Mutate Me vid from last night

Into Another - 07 Mutate Me - live at the Glass House, Pomona Revelation Records 25th Anniversary Nite Zero June 7th, 2012. Into Another Headlining