The Reason Is Texas

March 30th will be the 1st and last time seeing Texas Is The Reason live. It was bittersweet seeing them live at the Fonda. They played all their songs on their newly remastered reissued "Do You Know Who You Are?" So it was 14 songs total they played, minus the title track being played off an Ipad at the soundboard.

Mark this boot! This is the 1st audio boot that I learned from the expertise of Morgan Light (of the band, Magna and engineer extraordinaire) how to properly make the recording louder. It's much louder compared to my previous boots and I'm contemplating re-doing most of them. Thanks, Morgan!

Texas Is The Reason / V0mp3s

March 31st was Garrett Klahn and Blair (insert lastname) played separate acoustic sets at THIS Gallery near Mount Washington. I filmed both sets as well and will try to work on that soon.

Garrett Klahn of Texas Is The Reason / V0mp3s


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