Re: Review of Ghost Idols Debut EP

I have to say I'm fairly biased to my buddy's in Ghost Idols and have to say that the songs, production, and execution are amazing. Joe Nathan (guitar/vocals), Rob Arbuckle (bass/screams) and Christopher Dwyer (skins) do a fine job of mixing a slew of influences that I have come to love. Pelican, Torche, Shiner, and Hum are some of those influences that this EP reminds me of...

Listening to the rim work on "Shrines" reminds me of the time when I played guitar with Christopher awhile back with another friend on guitar, Mark James--Christopher is a dynamic drummer and his style on the skins reminds me of the mighty Jason Gerken or Tim Dow. Christopher is also a engineer/producer extraordinaire at Mystery Mammal Studios in LA, definitely a nice studio too, my band will be recording there for sure!

I spoke to Joe RE: their tuning and from what I recall it reminded me of how Chavez tune their guitars as well as Allen Epley's for "Day Eleven." This will be the first time that Joe is singing for Ghost Idols. In his previous projects he was mainly guitar and backup vocals.

Rob and Christopher definitely lock it in for the entire duration of this fine debut EP. Rob's bass work adds the edge on songs like "Heathens," and the EP closer "From Pieces That Will Rise."

Grab this EP for FREE while you can--it was just released today!

D/L here=>Ghost Idols / Bandcamp 


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