Saturday, March 9, 2013

Prehistoric L 10 11

This may be the 1st ever El Ten Eleven bootleg out there, please correct me if I'm wrong. El Ten Eleven started in 2003 and on their gigography it lists this particular show as the 7th ever played.

The first time I saw El Ten Eleven was at The Casbah on September 15, 2003 when they opened for The Life And Times in which I discovered this magnificent duo. Allen Epley of The Life And Times remarks "...that they were the best band to open for them..." during that particular tour. Absolutely amazing.

NOTE: El Ten Eleven's self-titled album was released a couple years later! Thus the 1st two years of its inception the songs were still in their primordial stages and were not the final versions until the self-titled release on September 20, 2005. Enjoy these early versions!

El Ten Eleven / V0mp3s / 20031004

Here's the next show that El Ten played at the Alterknit Lounge:

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Thunder Bearer!

TiReD, I'm turning in... Royal Thunder kicks ass! MLNY Parsonz reminds me of Janis Joplin--amazing! Royal Thunder / V0mp3s Pallbearer was brutally loud, they were thunderous! Great set and plus a new song from their forthcoming release! Pallbearer / V0mp3s

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Well, I must say this has been a pretty fast turnaround for me to do 3 sets from 1 nite the day after. But it is a momentous occasion for all bands and parties involved, but especially to have Intronaut open for 2 great bands to support this huge bill of Juggernauts. I must say, I am extremely happy for Los Angeles's own, Intronaut, to be given this grand opportunity. I'd have to say the attendees were very well receptive of them. All members of Intronaut are stand up guys on their own, but when they form Intronaut, they vanquish and lay their enemies to waste. It was great listening to the new songs that are featured on their forthcoming release on Century Media Records -- "Milk Leg" and "The Welding" live was absolutely magnificent! Looking forward to Habitual Levitations release on March 19th (in the US and 18th in Europe). Plus, the boys tell me that they will be headlining their first tour in Europe with greats, Castle and Atlas Moth. Congratulations, Intronaut!

Without further adieu, here is March 2nd, 2013 Intronaut set:

intrOnaut / V0mp3s

The next 3 links are older shows, but since it's Intronaut, might as well add them here as well:

intrOnaut / 192AAC / 20080826
intrOnaut / V0mp3s / 20090417
intrOnaut / V0mp3s / 20090828

Another Animals As Leaders set? YES! Most of half their set consisted of songs from "Weightless" including the title track. It was great seeing these LA transplants once again. Love the guitar wizardry of Tosin! Unbelievable skill on the 8 string! My project, The Sighentists, is an attempt at playing the 8 string but not nearly as proficient as Tosin. Keep up the good work Javier, Tosin, and Matt (?, is that the new drummer's name, right? HE was the show stopper for me that evening!

March 2nd, Animals As Leaders!

Animals As Leaders / V0mp3s

Next 3 links are older Animals As Leaders sets, enjoy!

Animals As Leaders / V0mp3s / 20100413
Animals As Leaders / V0mp3s / 20101106
Animals As Leaders / V0mp3s / 20110710

A stunning set from Swedish djenters, Meshuggah, and a long one I might add to that. Danny Walker (Drummer for Intronaut) briefly remarked that Meshuggah were playing an hour and 45 minute set on this tour. He was right! What a long set, amazing! This band is always doing something really innovative when it comes to time, just baffles me as a musician. All their songs are head nodders to headbangers!

Enjoy this set!

Meshuggah / V0mp3s

Here's 1 previous show that I had archived:

Meshuggah / V0mp3s / 20120505