Failure to Success

A reunited Failure was a success tonight!  I've seen Failure roughly over 10x in the 90s.  This was truly a treat again for me.  What was special was that they closed with Screen Man like they did one time I saw them in early 1996 (have that setlist!).  It was beautiful.  NOTE: Troy Van Leeuwen was not present since he was playing with his other band the same night with Queens Of The Stone Age in Las Vegas.  To my surprise they sounded strong as a trio, songs were figured out without the 4th member.  There were some flubs during the performance as you will hear in this recording: Greg Edwards made a few errs tonight, BUT after not playing these songs for 17 years--you gotta let him off the hook!  Ken was in tip top shape and Kellii was hitting like no tomorrow.  On "The Nurse Who Loved Me," Greg played piano through out.  A friend was doing lighting tonight and it was awesome, except during the previously mentioned song he practically burned my retinas deep during the ending of Nurse.

I've got the master video tape from the Whisky A Go Go from 1996 (December 16th).  I mastered the audio for that and there were some audio "artifacts" that my friend is trying to take out on 3 songs.  It will be released soon, hopefully please pardon the dust and bear with me...


  1. Thanks so much for the download. You are a kind soul! Cheers, Doug

  2. Wish I had seen you at the show, Jason! Doug, you're welcome! There is a better recording on but you have to torrent it!


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