Dammit, I Shined The Dog

Dangit, this would've gotten out sooner.  Not even remember if I had set up any html for this band, but it was Jeff Halland, Lane Soderberg, and Kebs who became Dogshine.  Shane Brown was a singer for the early incarnation of the band.  This band is like my prequel to Houston, one of my all time favorite bands.  There's a lot more songs on "Chrome" than their 1st album, "Barry's Car."  Lots of awesome rock on this unreleased album. This is indeed the epitome of 90s alternative rock!  I've got a bit more stuff on Dogshine that Kebs sent me, so enjoy this album for now!



  1. THANK YOU! Anything from Jeff is what I am looking for. Now find a way to get all of the Hal Scanlon Volumes for us and I will name my next pet after you!

  2. THANK YOU! Anything from Jeff Halland is a must! Now find a way to get Hal Scanlon's Volumes 3 through 10 and I will name my next pet after you.

  3. MrFlicksflicks! Your welcome, I wish I could convince Jeff to bury the hatchet (that's in my back) with me and just release all those volumes once and for all. Did you notice his site is gone? http://halscanlon.com is no longer hosted, actually I'm going to doublecheck right now... yup, Jeff is giving up. I have friends in MN that I should write a letter to Jeff for forgiving my err in 2004... sorry guys, it was me who released Volume 2 before it was mastered and Jeff got upset with me...I'll figure something out...

  4. Mike Selle was the original Dogshine singer (You Say I, Spinnin, Lonesome Highway, I Cant Choose, etc.) then Shane came on with the 6 Usual Flavors release ...in case you cared.
    Dogshine kicked ass.


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