Wednesday, December 31, 2014

When You Were the King of Death

New Deathkings track!  These guys will be playing #psychoca #psychocafest PsychoCA!
FREE download now till 6PM tomorrow New Year's Day!

A Godly Anthem of Flesh

Kowloon Walled City / Batillus live at Coconuts, Capistrano Beach 11-17-11

Naut Character, but of Fragments

Intronaut " Fragments Of Character" The Roxy, West Hollywood

Leaderless Animals

Animals As Leaders "Weightless" Mayan Theater, Los Angeles, CA

Ziltoid Townsend Marches

Friday, December 19, 2014

Intro Ancient Not Altar

December 11th, 2014 was the night that Black Cobra / Wolvhammer / Ancient Altar / Arachnigod played the Complex.  What a night!  Here's a recap from that evening:

Metal Assault: Black Cobra...

Without further adieu, here is Ancient Altar's set!

Here's Metal Assault's review of last night's Intronaut 10th Anniversary show at the Roxy:

Metal Assault: Review of Intronaut

Leon Del Muerte played 2 songs reuniting the 1st incarnation of Intronaut for this special anniversary show.  The 2nd special guest was Justin Chancellor who played bass on the song, "Valley Of Smoke."  What a great night, I had an opportunity to watch the opening bands of the evening so I might submit a review of The Great Wall (possibly final performance), Silver Snakes, and Ides Of Gemini--who were all great!  Here's the Intronaut set:

Friday, December 12, 2014

Black Wolv

I just submitted my review of last night's show at the Complex for Black Cobra/Wolvhammer/Ancient Altar/Arachnigod.  A great show and Black Cobra may have played a new song last night as well from their forthcoming album which'll probably be due in the 3rd quarter of 2015 (my guess!).  The first song I couldn't figure out so my haunch and a friend's guess is that it's the new song!  Last night marked my 2nd time seeing Wolvhammer--1st tim was at Profound Lore's/Scion A/V fest with Yob as the headliner.  They were great!  Ancient Altar was also fantastic--I had been waiting for them to play a proper Los Angeles date and I didn't want to miss another opportunity!  Arachnigod was lukewarm for me so I didn't record their set last night.

NOTE: The first song is "Frozen Night" off the FREE Metal Swim Compilation (Adult Swim) which in this zip file is "Untitled."

Here's Black Cobra's set:

Here's Wolvhammer's set:

I didn't have time to do Ancient Altar's set yet.... maybe this weekend...

Here's a video that smitterous filmed of Black Cobra: