Reduxing the Tool

Ah, right before Halloween! Their Monster Mash show looks quite tempting, but alas I chose No Knife for my festivities of the Hallow-kind.

1995/1996 was an awesome New Years for an early 20s me. My buddy, Tyrone, scored tickets through his dad who had connections for the Primus 4th of 5th annual "Freak Out" at the Oakland Colliseum. Tool was support and special guests were... Everclear (?).

This was the show where I had the worst experience in a pit. Upon their song, "Bottom," I found myself against the cold concrete with bodies on top of me. I had fallen (and couldn't get up) at the "Bottom" of a dogpile in a mosh pit. It was pretty scary, I was yelling/screaming for ppl to get off me, while others were trying to pull my arms out of their sockets. I had to wait one-by-one for each person to get off of me. I remember feeling my ribs starting to cave in on my guts, this would be the last time I would be in a dogpile in a pit. Hence, I stand near the back now to get quality recordings.

NOTE, I didn't record this, this was a recording that I ripped from a traded cassette tape. Unfortunately, there's a LOT of crowd talk in this... really meant for posterity sake to have heard an early version of what is now "H." or  was supposed to be called "Half-Empty."


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