Monday, May 25, 2015

Parting the Seas of Sound

Hey you, do you need some uplifting music? This is my buddy's band Sonomaris hailing from LA. Also this is a good opportunity to get acquainted with these guys. This is their first EP release. IT'S FREE! Grab it and make friends with them on FB! Here: Sonomaris FB

Spreading the love... their newest EP "Initium" will be released soon!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

gofund Maxx Diaz's Spider House!

This is my buddy's house that his family is in a bind. Maxx Diaz is in a band with my drummer called WIRES and this is the house that they usually rehearse in. Please look at the link and donate if you can. Maxx is also an electrician, so if you need work done in your place, hit him up!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Twin Eagull

Hey folks, I'm really tired, I just put these up for mass consumption and noticed I had another Eagle Twin set from 2012 at the Power of the Riff. Uber tired now...

Here's a video that smitterous made using my audio!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Californian Psycho

Ok, I'm alive! I survived psychoca (click on the link for the line up) festival this past weekend. Friday I had to leave early during Municipal Waste due to a friend falling ill due to a migraine and missed Old Man Gloom, Eyehategod, and Russian Circles. It was a bit disappointing but at least I saw Cave In play a lot off of Jupiter which was the highlight for me on Friday. BUT at least Arturo captured most of what I missed that evening, thanks goes out to him! His youtube channel can be found on the side panel here on my blog under, "darshun's friends." Also it was nice to see a lot of friends there enjoying the festival. Oh boo boo on my part, I had my recorder on standby during Cave In's set so no audio of them unfortunately. I did capture True Widow, Earth, Kylesa, Sleep, The Deathkings and The Atlas Moth. I'll try to ready these for the blog for downloading consumption.

BTW, I won the raffle for a Dunable Bass called the Thunderclapper on Sunday! She's a beauty!

Here's a video of Russian Circles that my buddy captured!

Russian Circles - Geneva live

Tonight I'll be seeing Goatsnake, Bl'ast, and Eagle Twin at the Complex!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Usually Just Niandra Lades

I dug up these "dictaphone" recordings from like 1994/95 for some benefit at Mogul's in Hollywood, CA. This may have been John Frusciante's first performance after exit the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Flea played solo acoustic as well as Frusciante--from what I recall Flea even played the song off the Basketball Diaries soundtrack. Ahh, "I've Been Down" was performed, had to look that one up. Wow, not sure if I still have the micro cassette for that or if I already had transferred that eons ago. Dave Navarro played with the Campfire Girls that evening for that event only.

RE: the performance, John looked haggard and disheveled. He looked like he aged 40 years older when really he was in his early 20s. I also clearly remembered that he sported some snazzy/nice black and white dress shoes that looked like they were dated from the 40s or 50s. His teeth were gone because of the drugs, he definitely did not have the build you would see him from pictures like him in Mother's Milk. Sad, unfortunately I recorded this on a lousy "dictaphone" recorder for lectures.

This set was brought up by a fan named Leandro. Thanks for your interest in this. Remember, it's a lousy recording! Bad! hehehehe

4 Songs (m4a)
2 Songs (mp3)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

If Houston Was A Person

Here's a video I uploaded last night for one of my favorite Houston songs called, "If You Were A Person." It was originally released on a split CDr with the Dames back in 2000 along with a cover of the Sundays song, "She." These two Houston songs were later released on "Live On Fish Island" but there was a mishap on the mastering that the clarity of the CD is a bit shoddy. I remember talking to Jeff saying that it is the way it is because it was meant to be a demo and B-sides album. A lot of my friends who bought the CD complain about the mastering job on the disc. Hence "Lo-Fi" or Low Fidelity.

At least the original release of the 2 songs mentioned here are intact for this particular CDr split with the Dames. There's another song that's on "Live On Fish Island" that was released on "The Ugly Tree EP," which was "You in the Room." That I have only a copy of a copy of the CDr that their manager had in his apartment. I will try to get a copy of the artwork tho...

Until then, enjoy this video of "If you were a person."

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