Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fantastic Monster

Well, last night at the Regent was interesting. Failure played a longgg set, 21 songs to be exact. In the middle of that 21, was my jam, "Moth." I was happy they were playing it, but the mix didn't sound as I anticipated. I was hoping for loud rack toms for the intro part of the song and then Troy's arrpeggiated part wasn't loud in the mix. I guess I was hoping for a similar reaction to when I first heard the studio version of the song at a used record store. Yeah, my expectations were a bit high since the band got back together to play "Moth" but now I understand why. It just doesn't translate well enough to be EXACTLY like the studio version. I'm on the fence as I write this now, it was a good show overall, but I was bit let down from just that tune... I've seen them play "Moth" in the late 90s, I just don't remember how it came off. Probably bit off too many brews at the time to even remember and I wasn't a recording freak at the time too.

Troy was having an issue with his Axe F/X for his guitar throughout the night, but at least not every song... I think. This is one of the reasons why I dislike Axe F/X not only because it's goddamned expensive but ... arrgh, even regular air pushing amps fail too. But I pondered, what if the house speakers and monitors are having an issue? Well, that's for the artists to sweat, not the fans...

Anywho, it was certainly nice to see the four onstage together again like I did from 1996-97. Enjoy this nub of Failure and listen to the 10th track, "Moth." I want to hear from other fans if they hear the same thing or not...

Stay tuned, I will be adding a bit more to my review for Metal Assault...

Rabbit Virgins

A long time ago, at a Virgin Megastore Ken Andrews and his 2nd crew in Year Of The Rabbit played an impromptu, electric, but stripped down songs off of the self titled record that Elektra released eons ago. Unfortunately, with a partial... *cough* failure of the minidisc, the song "Rabbit Hole" got cut, so you only hear a snippet of what was actually recorded. Here's a 3 1/4 song set!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Colombian Gold

Here's a fantastic sludgecore set by my brethren in Colombian Necktie. Juan Oscar Hernandez-Cruz and Ben Daniel have been good friends of mine for roughly 5 years or so. I would see both of them at countless shows and have excellent taste in music!

This was a set when they opened for KEN Mode and Child Bite, both sets were recorded. Just haven't gotten around to giving these recordings some lovin' attention yet. It was a great night tho, oh yeah, don't forget the comic, Garrett Jamieson tickled our funny bones to prime us up for KEN Mode that evening.

Houston, we have a Redux

2 shows from the past come back to haunt the living! A Casbah show and another one at an ole joint in San Francisco called, "Kimo's." The sound boosted for this edition from the Houston archive. I terribly miss this band and wonder--where the hell is Jeff Halland? Still in Minnesota and producing, but what of his talents? He should still write music, dammit!

Well, commiserate with me and listen to these recordings that were done on minidisc technology!

Noteworthy, from the Kimo's set, the boys bust out a jam of some sort prior to and segues into Waves. To me, it sounds like what would have been the intro to the song Waves and I adore it!

Reduxing the Tool

Ah, right before Halloween! Their Monster Mash show looks quite tempting, but alas I chose No Knife for my festivities of the Hallow-kind.

1995/1996 was an awesome New Years for an early 20s me. My buddy, Tyrone, scored tickets through his dad who had connections for the Primus 4th of 5th annual "Freak Out" at the Oakland Colliseum. Tool was support and special guests were... Everclear (?).

This was the show where I had the worst experience in a pit. Upon their song, "Bottom," I found myself against the cold concrete with bodies on top of me. I had fallen (and couldn't get up) at the "Bottom" of a dogpile in a mosh pit. It was pretty scary, I was yelling/screaming for ppl to get off me, while others were trying to pull my arms out of their sockets. I had to wait one-by-one for each person to get off of me. I remember feeling my ribs starting to cave in on my guts, this would be the last time I would be in a dogpile in a pit. Hence, I stand near the back now to get quality recordings.

NOTE, I didn't record this, this was a recording that I ripped from a traded cassette tape. Unfortunately, there's a LOT of crowd talk in this... really meant for posterity sake to have heard an early version of what is now "H." or  was supposed to be called "Half-Empty."

Redux is the Reason

Wait a second, this performance was about 2 1/2 years ago.  Wow, time does fly. The band sounded great and they played their entire discography of songs. Bittersweet but a blast! A day later, Garrett played an acoustic set at a small art gallery, which I'm thinking of re-doing. I have video of it too, so that might go up on youtube. Yeah, it's overdue, but I need to figure out how to use this editing program so I can upload it with good audio!

So, this is the entire set, that I boosted and gave it a pristine shine hopefully. Let me know if there's any discrepancies or comment on this thread/blog.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

MewToid Man

Ok these 2 shows have passed and I want to archive them. The Mew set was my 5th time seeing them including the Origami Vinyl acoustic set. Wish I was able to attend KCSN session, alas, it wasn't meant to be. The Fonda set was great, they were able to cover a decent amount of music from their catalog. I was happy to hear their new songs from "+ -."  It was nice to see them at the Fonda again. Here's their set:

I was so glad that Wild Throne was able to tour with Mutoid Man. He Whose Ox Is Gored is great too! Loved all 3 sets, I'll have to upload those another time, but I'm tired and need to go to bed. NOTE: this was the 1st time the title track to Mutoid Man's latest was performed with Lisa Mungo of He Whose Ox Is Gored. Here's Mutey:


Last night Battles played an early show at the Regent. I was a bit disappointed with the Regent because they scheduled the show to start early with the opener Buke and Gase at 730PM, Battles at 820PM, and a 930PM end time. Battles were allotted only an hour and 10 minutes but went over due to some technical difficulties for the encore. No early EP tunes were played nor much was played off of Mirrored, but just "Atlas." So the rest of the set consisted of 3 Gloss Drop songs and the rest off of LA DI DA DI. Oh yeah, just to rub in the NY pride, John Stanier used a NY Mets towel to wipe off his sweat and held it up to the audience's dismay since the LA Dodger's recent lost. Ok, on with the music, it was definitely a memorable set although I haven't had a chance to listen to Battles' new album. I think this may have been my 3rd or 4th seeing these gents, I realized I had missed a couple opportunities to see them as a quartet back in the day with Tyondai Braxton.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Complex Escape Plan

Let's see this show was on June 14th of this year of lovely 2015. I believe I received an invite to the event page via Facebook through Church of the 8th Day & Daniel Dismal the night before. It was a secret show that the Dillinger Escape Plan added to their mini tour at the time. I still recall the windows being steamy after their blistering set--each song a tiny explosion and burst of energy from this quintet. Oh yeah, Greg Puciato was hanging off the sprinkler system at one point of the show--Daniel Dismal almost had a hernia from watching that happen thinking that the pipe would burst. Also, I'm trying to remember that a lot of people got on stage during 43% Burnt and they were all vying for mic time to scream along with Greg.

I'd have to say this is the smallest venue other than seeing them at the Knitting Factory main stage with Dmitri on vocals eons ago. Finally got around to mastering this set for your perusal.

Drive Like Jim

A reunion show for Drive Like Jehu? Yes, please! I dedicate this uploaded set to Jim, aka Fang! He's been hounding me for this boot for a couple months now. I didn't feel so good about the recording cause it was not at the optimal input for the entire set. Oh yeah, I had to leave during the encore to return home and missed "Do You Compute," "Hand Over Fist," and "Bullet Train To Vegas." Huge bummer I missed those. I did recall that there was some guy who recorded as well since he held his field recorder (which one, I forget) out in the broad night light. Yet it hasn't surfaced, probably holding it ransom for trade on secret bootleg networks. Enjoy this set!

Oh yeah, please send me a comment if any links are broken!

Harvest the Throne!

Holy crap! Been jonesin' to hear this album for awhile now. Seen them 3-4 times this year... Oh yeah they're playing with Whores and Red Fang currently on tour. Ross Robinson is on the helm of this fine album that was finally released last Friday, October 2nd. This album holds reckless abandon throughout the entire album. Upon listening it reminds me of the frantic vocals of Cedric from the Mars Volta as well as the frenetic rhythms of Omar on guitar. Listen to this beautiful rambunctious album on Stereogum!

Stereogum Premiere of Wild Throne's latest