Thursday, November 26, 2015

Re-Circuit the Joy

Turns out I forgot where this show was at, evidently I found out from my archive that this was at the Viper Room. 11 years ago this band comprises of members of Year of the Rabbit sans Ken Andrews. They were a good band and I also miss Year of the Rabbit. Song titles were from the setlist and one of the songs was written as "See What," which I think is incomplete. Enjoy this ole set!

The Twin Eagle Rises

Gentry is a beast as well as his drummer whose name I'm forgetting at the moment. This dirge is roughly 40 minutes long and is really just one giant song. Beautiful! This may have been at the Echoplex or the Echo for the Power of the Riff Festival. This happened a little over 5 years ago...

Death in the Desert

This set coincides with the Gifts From Enola set I released earlier this month. Same gig and Beware of Safety was recorded as well. Miss this band and I last saw them I believe at the Good Hurt a couple years ago. This is one of the few post rock bands I'll spin every once in awhile... one of the few greats...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sol King

The Deathkings were on fire last Friday. I was really impressed with the first song, "Sol Invitus," which clocks roughly less than 20 minutes. A sonic journey that spans from mostly slow doom riffs and then later in the song it gets to break neck speed. A 20 minute song is a huge undertaking to write and the background vocals of Mark Lüntzel (guitar) and Daryl Hernandez (guitar) aided their comrade, Nicolas Rocha, into a nice doomy choir. It was so great for the Deathkings to open up for Black Cobra and Yob (much thanks to the Church of the 8th Day + Daniel Dismal) and I wouldn't have miss this good opportunity to see all 3 bands together on one stage! Such a memorable night. Deathkings followed up with their contribution to a split with Rozamov, called "Solomon," and closed the night with roughly 15 minute-plus song, "Destroyer." Thanks to Nic, Mark, Daryl, and Sean for such a solid performance!

My Job Is To Yob

Last Friday was a long time coming, it was an exciting night for the Deathkings opening for Black Cobra and Yob. It was a packed house at the Echo and my friends in Deathkings were well-received after their set. Hope to get the okay from the Deathkings on releasing their set to the masses!

Yob was superb, I recall the first time seeing them at a FREE Scion Event several years ago with Loss, Atlas Moth, and Pallbearer. Mike Scheidt reminded me of how great his voice and his guitar work that evening. A friend of mine was excited to hear "Marrow" live, which was such a treat cause it's a beautiful song. Actually, "Marrow" was my favorite song of that night. Aaron Rieseberg (bass) and Travis Foster (drums) had the rhythm on lockdown, but boy do they play well together! Incredible and tight. Mike's riffs perfectly compliment the mood as well. These guys played 5 songs in a span of a little over an hour long performance. These songs are mini journeys and I enjoyed every one of them! Without further adieu:

Friday, November 6, 2015

Walled up in a Cowloon City

Late last year almost a year ago, I recorded this set. Kowloon played 2 new songs off their latest which was released about a month ago. This show was a day before their opening set for Neurosis at the Observatory in Santa Ana. Last Sunday, they played at Alex's Bar and performed all of "Grievances," a beautiful sludgey and gritty record on Gilead Media. It's a gem and definitely catch them when they perform in your town!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Isis (the BAND) from Enola

This will be my 3rd posting for a particular set by ISIS that I recorded at the Troubadour in 2010. It was the last one in LA for the band and a very sold out show too for that matter. I boosted the signal for a 3rd time with a new mastering technique that I figured out on my own. Enjoy this set again!

Oh yeah, I also decided to re-do a Gifts from Enola set from pehrspace from the same year as the aforementioned ISIS set... Gifts from Enola are a post rock band who I think broke up last year unfortunately.

Walled in Kowloon

FACK! This is a band that I love a lot. Super-super heavy band from the Bay area. They released their newest effort early last month (I believe on October 9th) and it was played yesterday front to back! It was huge sounding, and knowing that Scott Evans is a engineer/producer/mixer the sound was just like listening to the album. DO NOT MISS AN OPPORTUNITY to see this band live. Hope they land a big tour soon, cause they're a force to reckon with!

Sans Knife

On All Hallow's Eve, No Knife played a sold out show in San Diego at the Casbah. My buddy Dave who went to the show remarked afterwards that the set was heavy on "...Hit Man Dreams..." and lacked a portion of material from the latter albums ("Fire in the City of Automatons" and "Riot For Romance"). For me tho it was satisfying to hear these tunes since I saw them play with Pond at the Alligator Lounge in Santa Monica in the late 90s or so. I was a happy boy!

No Knife dressed up all like Robert Smith with wigs (Mitch took his off I think or didn't have one) and called themselves The Smiths. Not too sure who originally recorded/performed "Strange" but they did play 2 or 3 Cure songs that were nice. Last cover of the night was "Lip" by Rocket From The Crypt which was a highlight. Oh, Rocket From The Crypt was supposed to play the same evening on Halloween at Bar Pink in San Diego, but heard from Jeff Reece (Inch bassist before Kristian Dunn) that it was cancelled.

Wild Echo Throne

Wild Throne and He Whose Ox Is Gored both opened for Mutoid Man late last August. This particular Wild Throne set was flawless, I thought. Their new album, "Harvest of Darkness" is beyond great! I highly recommend their album!

Failure in a Glass House

Hey folks, trying to get some shows uploaded at the moment. This particular Failure show was a good one, no openers, 2 sets and it was great! I didn't record the all of the video montage but at least I started right before Another Space Song... the way the set flowed was brilliant!