Not A Crustacean

Debut of Cetacean was beyond great and they played their 3 song album that evening on a rainy Saturday. I heard about this band as I know the drummer, Daniel Puliot (Bleeding Kansas, Silver Snakes, Tobias) and he let me know about this gig. 6 members with 3 guitars and on occasion Emanuel will play saxophone. This night was at a warehouse near Chinatown and hosted 4 bands and a DJ. An event for $10 was not bad at all, I was there to support of course.

The night was rounded out with The Elephant Parallax, Black Sheep Wall, Exhausted Prayer, and Cetacean. Cetacean features members also from The Elephant Parallax and Exhausted Prayer--sort of incestual but those members had to pull off double duty. Cetacean was great tho, they killed it. I did film most of Cetacean's set--1st 20 minutes I believe I have 2 angles. What's going to delay me with uploading that is I don't know how to use Adobe Premier Pro on a Mac. I'll have to look into Udemy to get up to speed with that... Anywho, enjoy this set of the debut of Cetacean!


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