In Debttones

Well, this is an ole show that I released awhile back in 2008. It was the Deftones playing Spaceland (at the time it was, now it is the Satellite). This would be Chi Cheng's last LA date performance before his accident. I'm not sure if this was when they were recording the album, "EROS" with Chi on it, but it has been shelved for quite some time now.

One of the songs on this set was a song from that album, and from what I gather it was tentatively called, "Melanie." This was a "fake" name for the song since they were in lieu of recording that record. It was hot in that place and there were a lot of ppl, so both of those factors were a catalyst for Deftones to play off of. It was a great evening and I'll always remember this show.

As per Editor's note, I brightened and boosted the levels of the entire set, enjoy this!


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