Recently, a friend asked me to work on a recording of their band by splicing the tracks from a long WAV file and a little mastering. That friend is Maxx Diaz of W-I-R-E-S, a talented bass player with a warship of a pedalboard... I mean it outdid mine with sheer mass and the number of pedals he had. Ryan Janke has been drumming for this band since 2013 and was the drummer for my shortlived band, Here is not Far. Their newest addition to Maxx's band is Travis Couch on guitars who absolutely slays. It was an honor to be asked to cut up the tracks from their recent mini-tour. On this live set, they played 3 new songs as well as some deep cuts from their EP Lithopedion. Here's their set on bandcamp that I proudly worked on for Maxx and W-I-R-E-S:


Here's where you can purchase and support the band for their 1st EP, Lithopedion. Sonny Kay did a tremendous job on the artwork.


Below is the  Electronic Press Kit for W-I-R-E-S,



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