Wednesday, February 24, 2016

3/5 Neurosis w/Shellac ticket available

Please hit me up if you need a ticket to this show in San Francisco. My friend is selling a ticket for a fair price!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Gonzo Menerator

Today at Cobraside Distribution headquarters had an awesome line up of bands that played this afternoon. Four bands for FREE with food and drinks for the whole family to have fun! Nick Oliveri's Mondo Generator headlined and was accompanied by You Know Who, Flying Hair, and Child. All the bands were great and stonerish. Even bought some records while I was there. They usually have a party/show like this every 2nd Saturday of the month during the day.

Mondo Generator revisited Kyuss (!) and Queens of the Stone Age (!!). Check out the set:


Japanese band Envy toured with La Dispute! Envy was great, glad they almost played for an hour. Mostly new songs tho, "A Warm Room" was majestic, one of my favorite songs off of Insomniac Doze. I've only heard Atheist's Cornea a couple times, wished they played older stuff alas it was still wonderful to see them again.

If you dig deep enough in my archive you can listen to the I think it was 2006 recording from the 1st FYF Fest in Echo Park. That was awesome!