Friday, March 18, 2016

NOTE: from the Editor

As of September 15, 2015, I began applying an additional technique for my bootlegs. So going forward from that date, you may notice that some of my shows are being redone. The older shows will still have live links, but this is to clarify that I'm remastering some of my old shows that I've recorded over the years and putting them up.

Please comment if you hear any discrepancies or if it's too distorted, let me know...

Sunday, March 13, 2016

I haven't Faced New York in awhile

This set was a special request dedicated to my buddy, Maxx Diaz, enjoy this set! Turns out Maxx and I were stumped on 3 songs on this set that were most likely new songs that weren't released yet. This was an archived set that was sitting peachy keen for some time! Finally releasing this and maybe I'll get around to releasing the accompanying dredg set from that night. Hope there are still Facing New York fans out there! I couldn't find a Facebook page for this band and not sure if this band is functioning or not. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Not A Crustacean

Debut of Cetacean was beyond great and they played their 3 song album that evening on a rainy Saturday. I heard about this band as I know the drummer, Daniel Puliot (Bleeding Kansas, Silver Snakes, Tobias) and he let me know about this gig. 6 members with 3 guitars and on occasion Emanuel will play saxophone. This night was at a warehouse near Chinatown and hosted 4 bands and a DJ. An event for $10 was not bad at all, I was there to support of course.

The night was rounded out with The Elephant Parallax, Black Sheep Wall, Exhausted Prayer, and Cetacean. Cetacean features members also from The Elephant Parallax and Exhausted Prayer--sort of incestual but those members had to pull off double duty. Cetacean was great tho, they killed it. I did film most of Cetacean's set--1st 20 minutes I believe I have 2 angles. What's going to delay me with uploading that is I don't know how to use Adobe Premier Pro on a Mac. I'll have to look into Udemy to get up to speed with that... Anywho, enjoy this set of the debut of Cetacean!


Get the reference from this post's title? If you know it comment on it!

Misery Ritual, Sutratma, TEETH, and Wovoka played an awesome show last night.

TEETH is a local dissonant death metal band from Los Angeles. I've been wanting to see this band for quite some time and finally last night it happened! Drummer played effortlessly and I was impressed with his chops and ease of hitting the drums. The bassist had a beautiful bass with fanned frets--this mystifies me because it was so dark and I would think that the fanned frets would be difficult to play. Probably a learning curve but he aced it last night during the entire set.

As usual sound was excellent at the Complex and TEETH were spot on. Listen to this blistering set!

...Of The Horizon "3 Feet" The Troubadour, West Hollywood. 10-12-2011

Another ...of the Horizon ripper!

...Of The Horizon "Gladhander" The Troubadour, West Hollywood. 10-12-2011

A band that I miss immensely, subscribe to smitterous's feed!

Black Cobra "Imperium Simulacra" The Viper Room, Hollywood. 3-10-16

Smitterous FTW!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Nurse Who Failed Me

November 2011 was the first time in awhile that I would see Ken Andrews and Kellii Scott in 1 location. It was pretty awesome to see both of them there at the Coronet Theater. It was a benefit concert for the schools in Japan for their music programs post earthquake/tsunami that year. Besides being a worthwhile cause, it was exciting to see Ken and Kellii sans Greg Edwards with my favorite symphonic quartet, "The Section Quartet!" The evening was a star-studded night and you could see who was there in the poster that I instagrammed (

I have school tomorrow and need to get up early, so this brief note about the performance: Margaret Cho is not a trained singer! Maybe a casual in the shower kind of singer, but... she insisted on doing back ups for the ONE song that 2 - 3rds of Failure were going to perform. Kind of ruined the moment, not sure if Ken and Kellii were happy about that but they went along fine. I remember that night that Ken might have had a cold cause his son was sick at the time and had to rush home after the performance/show. But that was when I got 2 Failure albums signed by both Ken and Kellii (who signed my "Comfort" LP, even tho Kellii didn't perform on it, he certainly plays the songs as if he did tho). I was a happy boy that night for sure tho. Without further adieu:

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Something up my sleeve...

I've got a recording from 2011 featuring a band a lot of my friends love. This was a special performance before the reunification began and was an awesome benefit show for the children of Japan post earthquake/tsunami... posting it when I'm more awake.

Friday, March 4, 2016

A Complex Queen

Live debut of The Black Queen at the Complex in Glendale. Performing almost the entire album. Tired and restless. School is kicking my ass. Enjoy this...