Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Brother's O

This was probably my 4th or 5th time seeing O'Brother live and they were opening for Foxing, whom I did not record since I wasn't familiar with them. Unfortunately for this recording I had it on standby during the 1st 3 songs which was a bummer. I was so focused on filming that I neglected to notice my recorder on standby. Oh well, Oh Brother...

Molly Macguyver'd

RE-RIP of the Molly McGuire show from 2012 at the Satellite. Louder and brighter! Listen up!

Reptilian 'Toid

The Announcement in East LA is an interesting art compound that occasionally holds shows there. This was my first show seeing Reptoid, Drafted by Minotaurs, Cinder Cone, and Hex Horizontal.

It was my first time seeing Reptoid as well and they were quite something. A one-man band of sorts with drums that are heavily effected and possibly using triggers on the kit. Pretty innovative and sounded really cool. Plus the drummer has a mask with the mic built into it ala Mike Patton's Tomahawk days. The music is droney and heavy, just the way I like. At first not knowing what to expect, as soon as he started playing the huge pedal board and table for mixing made a lot of sense.

The venue for Reptoid's performance was perfect and the PA sounded good with all the effects and his vocals. Highly recommended to checking him out if he's in your neck of the woods.

Rattled and HUM'd

Well, I err'd, which is not a regular occurrence. The date of this show was from, OH WAIT A SEC, I'm mixing this show up with one I did last night, so the date on this IS from 1998. Late last night I worked on a show from 2008, I was a bit crosseyed just now. Well, moving right along...

This was a show obtained from a couple years ago. It has "Apollo" on it, which is pretty special. NOTE: this recording went from Cassette ripped to computer probably and after many generations or so, the last song has the "skipping" sound from a Compact Disc = meaning it was ripped not so great during that song to computer.

I might have the cassette lying around if I did trade it eons ago. I *might* rerip the last song *if* I have the cassette...

Failed at the Whisky

This would be the 1st show that was filmed at the Whisky A Go Go in 1996, prior to the famous December 16, 1996 gig. My friend ripped my 2nd generation of this VHS to DVD of this show a few years ago that was on May 28, 1996. This was a set a tad bit shorter than the December show and might have been their first show due to the Slash/Warner Brothers record label fiasco.

A little history on this VHS, I wasn't in charge of the master but remember fellow Failure mailing lister Ben did. He bought the VHS master tape from the Whisky and I was there to witness the transaction. It was from there that I knew what to do for Failure's next gig at the Whisky which I dupp'd for other Failure mailing list members.

Not quite chucking a pig

This was the first time I went to Highland Park's The Hi-Hat--super nice space that's big and cavernous! The sound there is superb. This was QunQ's record release party whom I had not seen in a while with bros Barrows and Boarchucker.

Boarchucker blew my mind, reminding me of Big Business and Amphetamine Reptile Records type music. A 2 pc of epic proportions = drums & guitar/vox. This was my first time hearing of them and seeing them live. Rambunctious and obnoxiously good loud! They even cover Massacre by Thin Lizzy, which is a fantastic rendition of a classic rock song!

Michael just went on tour with his other band, Blaak Heat so Boarchucker is taking the backseat till roughly about June. Check out this set!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Driving into a Swerve

This was the reunited Swervedriver show at the Fonda from 2008. Yeah, I'm on a 2008 kick and it feels good cause these shows are great! This set is the epitome of shoegaze, love this band--playing songs off an excellent repertoire of material!

perPLEXing Russians

Ok, this is a RE-DO of an ole set, it's from 2008 of Russian Circles with Red Sparowes... oh yeah the Holloys with Jon Theodore (ex-Mars Volta, Queens Of The Stone Age). This is "Enter" and "Station" era set. I've got a bunch more of Russian Circles and a couple more Red Sparowes laying about. ENjoy!

The Sparowes are Red

Well, it's morning time and I didn't schlep! I reworked these particular boots of the leg for the past 4 to 5 hours, busy bee! Just drinking some tea! I think this was the ole incarnation of this band prior to Emma Ruth Rundle joining a few years later. Beautiful set! Enjoy choke!


Wow, Justin, it's been since 2007 since Jesu has been in California and you've got a show coming up in September I think it was?!? I remember the night that Jesu played with Oxbow and These Arms Are Snakes opening 2 days after this particular show that I'm currently uploading: I recall Justin saying, "See you guys next year," or something to that effect. 9 years later he is going to be back this year at the Regent Theater. His collaboration is with Mark Kozelek of Sun Kil Moon who is accompanying him this tour, so it may be a collaborative experience live.

On The Architect's Mouth

Another set from the Intronaut headlined night at the Knitting Factory many moons ago! These guys were heavy and thunderous but haven't been back to CA since this show. And probably by now they've broken up... or not, haven't looked them up in some time now.

Beheld the Arctopussy

This was a very memorable set, of course I can't remember all the the details but listening to this set I don't have to recall! Behold... The Arctopus was amazing at their craft of super technical,  instrumental spazziness. I'll also be uploading the other sets from that same evening in a moment. I used a minidisc recorder with a condensor mic and that was my rig back in the day... or was it? Fuzzy memories...

Friday, April 15, 2016

Seriously and Totally

Out the door now! Enjoy instrumental seriously! Very Les Influenced maybe?

Ok, now I can sort of elaborate on this set. This 2 pc loops and is super technical/proggy. Very good stuff. I followed these guys around and unfortunately couldn't figure out the song titles so they're "blankish." If I can find the email from the bassist I might add some more sets of different songs etc. I loved these guys, wish they had gone somewhere (as in should've hit it big!). Alas, that is my opinion, but they were great...

Hell's Mutts

Got a jam out of the house right now, leaving for a show. Here is Helmet performing a bunch of songs as well as "Strap It On" in its entirety!

These Arms Are Deft

Ah, it was originally a show for MM/DD/YYYY and These Arms Are Snakes, BUT Deftones crashed their party that evening. It was a great occasion for all parties involved! This set is for These Arms... and Deftones was released a few days ago... Ethric Double!

Envy Says FYFYFY

Fuck Yeah Fest Festival started had a primordial state and was a rough but sweet ship. It was a one day fest while being spread out all over Echo Park. Bunch of bands, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda. Envy played this date and it was in a type of wreck room/facility and the room was packed. This was captured on my Sharp minidisc recorder and Sony condensor mic. At this time of their career they had just released their opus "Insomniac Doze." Prior to this release they mostly had been a screamo type hardcore band, but with "Doze" they venture out into post-rock territory. The band played a pretty good set of a mixture of their repertoire and they chose wisely! Here it is, oh yeah, this is a RE-DO of this show but brighter and louder and slower!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I remember this show and regret that I didn't record Behold! The Monolith at that time. I wasn't too familiar with them and they were added to the bill last minute I believe. But that would've been my first time catching Kevin play with his band, I can't recall who played drums though... I could ask Christopher Dwyer of Ghost Idols if he played with them at the time.

2008, was a great year for shows, this was a 5 band bill: Behold! The Monolith, National Sunday Law, Mouth of the Architect, Behold The Arctopus!, and Intronaut. Such a solid bill, it was nice seeing friends in National Sunday Law open for this show at the Knitting Factory. Well, I'm beyond my bedtime...

In Debttones

Well, this is an ole show that I released awhile back in 2008. It was the Deftones playing Spaceland (at the time it was, now it is the Satellite). This would be Chi Cheng's last LA date performance before his accident. I'm not sure if this was when they were recording the album, "EROS" with Chi on it, but it has been shelved for quite some time now.

One of the songs on this set was a song from that album, and from what I gather it was tentatively called, "Melanie." This was a "fake" name for the song since they were in lieu of recording that record. It was hot in that place and there were a lot of ppl, so both of those factors were a catalyst for Deftones to play off of. It was a great evening and I'll always remember this show.

As per Editor's note, I brightened and boosted the levels of the entire set, enjoy this!

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Canadian band Suuns played the Echo almost 3 years ago with Magic Wands and Hepa-titus. It was the folk at Origami Vinyl (RIP) that introduced me to this dancey-esque band in 2013. It's dark, groovy, and weird... all mashed up into 2 albums that they've released, good stuff. They were great live. I think they're playing FYF Fest this year but I think I'm going to bow out on the fest due to the error of my wallet. I blame you, wallet for being so empty. Well, not too many bands I'm into are playing FYF Fest so la-di da-di doo-doo.


In 1996, this band released an album that should've made more thunder than AC/DC, ok, maybe not Thunderstruck, but should've made the Big Bang back in the day... Ok, no, Barkmarket was a band that I fell in deep love with when I was working at Tempo Schlempo...  OK, Tempo Records. I found their promo CD in a pile of promos and listened to "L. Ron" at our listening station (remember those? Thanks Blockbuster!). The 1st song called Visible Cow smacked me silly and I instantly became a fan. Unfortunately the album didn't make expectations of the label and the band imploded like a fart in a forest and was not heard. It's late, I should be in bed, enjoy this set from Switzerland. No, I wasn't there to record this, someone did from their anonymous heart! Enjoy Coca-cola!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Reaction of the Cave In

Cavis taped this, I torrented this awhile ago on dimeadozen and someone else reseeded it. The latter party complained about the vocals being low, well, you just have to properly effect the mix to boost it. Anywho, this is an excellent set, wish I was there. This is a set with Ben Koller on drums and they released the cassingle. Not sure if Cavis will see this, but thanks, buddy!

Hanneman Memorial 2013

Hey Y'all, this was the special tribute that was held at the Hollywood Palladium for Jeff Hanneman of Slayer. It was a nice metal reception for all who attended. It was free to get in and they were also giving away stuff in memorial of Jeff. Nick Bowcott was the MC of the whole tribute. It was a great sendoff for Jeff. Oh yeah, sorry for the tardiness of putting this up. Run time is roughly an hour an 20-25 min.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Return to Earth

Thanks to smitterous for recording this droney set from Seattle's finest, Earth. They played this set in 2014 at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary, but I think I had another show which was why I wasn't in attendance. I still haven't been to a show there yet, waiting for my chance hopefully for a night that I will enjoy. Anywho, here's Earth's set!

Shiner Reunion v3.0

Well, in lieu of the upcoming April shows in the midwest, I redid... FOR THE 3RD time, the Echoplex show from 2012. Sheesh, I have a feeling that Shiner may not venture West anymore since the gig didn't sell out, it was a packed house--goddamnit LA! Way to go! Oh well, end rant, end transmission...

The Observing of Marriages

Opening for Murder City Devils, Marriages slayed the crowd! It was a great set at the time with 2 new songs from their 2nd album, Salome. The album is already out, but this was sitting on a HardDrive moping to get released. Emma and crew pretty much played "Kitsune" for this set in addition to the new songs. The band was hospitable backstage and we hung out with Emma, Greg, and Andrew with their manager, Cathy and hype man, Mark. It was an interesting night, some woman catcalled to Emma wanting to marry her during the set. Emma had some interesting choice for her wardrobe that night, it was a gold-ish looking 1 piece outfit. Trying to remember if there were tassels, maybe not... Enjoy this set!

Royal Lightning

My buddy smitterous went to the Sword/Royal Thunder show late last month while I was visiting my best friend in Napa Valley. Unfortunately due to monetary constraints I couldn't make the San Francisco date of this tour cause I was leaving the day they played up there. BUT, smitterous did a fantastic job of recording this and he let me tweak it a bit for your perusal. NOTE: 2 new songs from the Atlanta band, which is great! Hope they suss them out a bit more and record soon!