Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lovin' the Fish Island

Here, here, hear is Houston's Live On Fish Island in Variable bitrate and 320 constant bitrate mp3s. I remastered this a tad and a few of the tracks have a tad bit of distortion, I'll try to find time to see which tracks need more lovin' and get back to this.



This show was at the beginning of the month and I had to forego Boris that evening. It was worth seeing Demanufacture played in its entirety which was nice and a couple other "hits." Even tho the line up was not the classic one from that era, it was still fun to hear and watch them play my favorite album by them.


Weird, it's all Wrong

This is an ole set from year '07 when Open Hand opened for Wired All Wrong! This was a set that Jason Gerken played drums for the Hand. However, there was major off-tuneage for someone's guitar that evening for the Hand.

Matt Mahaffey and crew were great that night, however, there were a ton of backing tracks relying on the computer for that stuff. The core of the band was Mahaffey, Jeff Turzo (? anyone help me out here), a guitarist, bassist and drummer. The lesser core of the band were 3 back up singers dressed in labcoats. It was cool and it was nice hearing "Break Out the Battle Tapes" album live. This was the 2nd time seeing them since they had played the LA Detour Fest with Peeping Tom and Queens of the Stone Age. Enjoy this golden oldie!


Fack the Patriarchal System!

What a weekend, Refused this past Friday night, Intronaut and Behold! The Monolith on Saturday, and Sumac w/Jay Jayle on Sunday.

Refused was great as always. It took me awhile to get into the new album, Freedom, but eventually I understood that some outside writing credits belong to ... Taylor Swift's writing team. Well, at least they didn't play those songs from the new album that evening. However, the new songs that they did play sounded like they belonged in the set. FUCK THE PATRIARCHAL SYSTEM! Refused Party Program! Refused Are Not Dead!


Sumacian Tree

Sumac was amazing couple nights ago. Sounded huge in the Complex in Glendale. Awesome set, had some minor difficulties after the 1st song which one of the amp heads went out for Aaron. The have the new 2nd LP already available for purchase on this tour/jaunt. Go see em and support the band by buying merch!


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dimension Hatross

First post from Mini Murderfest from Saturday, featuring the 1st band of the early evening was Chaos Dimension. They played a brutal set minus the fact that their 2nd guitarist broke a string early in their set. It was a bummer, but he didn't have an extra B string for his 7 string guitar if I recall correctly. Just realized I upp'd the wrong file for this upload... tsk tsk, updating now... not sure if this master sounds ok or not, the performance probably would've been better with both guitars. Oh well, what can you do, but play the tunes.

Oh, special note: the guitarist who broke his string flew in from Austrailia to fill in the spot and it was his birthday!


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

SuPLEX a Russian

Ah, someheimer's sets in, I'm forgetting if this is the show with Red Sparowes headlining. When I doublecheck I'll kick myself. Well, the song "Station" was cut due to a flub on my end where I prolly had an issue with the Edirol or was it the minidisc? That is foggy for me...  The Holloys opened this evening and featured Jon Theodore (ex-Mars Volta, Queens of the Stone Age, Golden), there were 2 drummers and the music was ok, the drumming was good, but the vocals were not... back to your regularly scheduled program here's another fix of Russian Circles!

No Chavez till Brooklyn

Ah another favorite, I did have some issues on figuring out why this ripped differently than most of my recordings. I did inquire about the predicament I was having but still trying to wrap my head around it. Anywho, I tried to encode these files as V0 as I specified it in Audacity, but it still gave me a lesser variable bitrate output. 

Well, this was one of those special shows that I released since I flew out to New York City to see Chavez a 2nd time. The first time I flew out it was a shorter set and it was a benefit show at the Bowery Ballroom. This time it was at the Warsaw which was a theater type venue and was large. It was a packed house and I recall it being cold since it was in December and due to my California blood it prolly wasn't really that cold. Chavez played for an hour an 20 minutes. It was pure bliss. Enjoy this set!

30 outta 6

Ahh, the 2nd to very last performance of my all-time favorite band, Thirty Ought Six. What I remember is that it was a dirty black summer and that this particular performance was flawed because of the heat factor. It was also the last day of the Lollapalooza tour but that had taken its toll on the band evidently as the band were befuddled with flubs and mistakes. The last song they performed in this set was a trainwreck and they gave up on finishing the song.

It was sad and I was heartbroken that they were playing one of their last performances as .30-06. As per previous post, Sean had given me the heads up "backstage" that the band was going to break up. RIP Sean Roberts

Announcing C+C Music Factory

A mostly instrumental night in East Los Angeles at a place called the Announcement. Getting there was a bit scary as this location is near Union Station where I walked from and avoided the projects in that area. It's rather small but super intimate for these performances.

Drafted by Minotaurs opened the evening followed by Reptoid who sort of had vocals. Then Cinder Cone played sans vocals for an exclusive instrumental set. I had seen Anthony and Dave perform for roughly the past 10 years and have enjoyed their sets through out the years. This was a special set and they sounded eggcellent! 

Sorry for the lack of posts, but finals are near and I have to hook my brain up to my books... so pardon the dust...