Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Strange Tears UK

My friend JD introduced me to this band when we were in a band together in college. Christian Ackerman was the bassist for our band and also liked the Chameleons UK. Saw them at Que Sera as the full band from the UK but Mark adamantly refused recording of their set at the time. I shoulda done it anyway but I enjoyed the show. I missed this particular show that you're about to d/l cos of another conflicting gig. Don't remember what it was... I'd have to look at the archive. Enjoy this, oh yeah, I didn't record this but someone did! I just redigitized it for your perusal!


From 2011, I recorded Kevin McDade's ole hardcore band, xRapeWhistlex at the Blvd. This is being released for the first time and honoring Kevin who was a talented bass player/singer/screamer who passed away in June 2013. Kevin played in Behold! The Monolith with Chase Manhattan and Matt Price. RIP Kevin...

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Bone Throne

Wow, these guys get better and better no matter where they play! This was the first time seeing them play on a big stage in a theater setting. Amazing! Too tired to ramble on more, but listen to this!


I'm tired, I've got 1 more post to do after this one. This set is sans 2 new songs cos they're not released yet... But you can hear 2 new songs live from "Weightless" in the zip link, one being the self-titled and the 1st single from the album. Enjoy


Alright, it's a school night and I was able to work on this earlier today, but finally got around to uploading this set of the new album in its entirety! This was a benefit for Bernie Sanders and I was surprised at how poorly this was attended. I was bothered by that and that this was going to be the last date for Intronaut for awhile. Saturation? Bernie? Dunno... but if you do, let me know!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Breach in the Hull

Woah, doomgaze? Thanks, smitterous, for giving me the heads up on this band! Unfortunately they broke up shortly after this tour I believe (correction, they broke up in 2014). The albums I've heard are great for listening from start to finish. Long songs too, like in this set with "The Viking Funeral." Glad I caught these guys, sad they're gone... Enjoy Hull!


This was the most recent Black Map show but they were added to the bill sort of in advance. However, not a tour they played some new songs which I had to omit from the zip file cause they're in the studio recording their sophomore album. Yeah, sorry guys, maybe I'll get a chance to release this before the album's out with their permission...

Purple Baroness

The night after At The Drive-In was Atlanta's Baroness! Last I saw these gents was at the Casbah's in San Diego. Nice to see them at the Fonda Theater and they played a healthy set of new songs from Purple and mixed in with the Green and Yellow albums. Of course it was nice seeing friends from the local scene at this show. Oh yeah, this was the last show of their tour, so it was a nice send off for them to return to Atlanta...

Relationship of Reuniting Drive-Ins

Wow, what a great show this was. I wish I had gone to the 1st reunion show this past March, but I wasn't quick enough to get tix. It was a good mixture of their repertoire and I have to say that the back up vocals added a lot to the performance. I found out after the show that a member of Engine Down filled in Mr. Ward's spot in the band. I forget his name... Ahh, Keeley Davis. But enjoy this set for At The Drive-In:

Friday, June 24, 2016

Perfect Pitch!

Well, I found this off of Dimeadozen a bit ago and found it on a HardDrive and listened to it. Sounds ACE! Cave In era Perfect Pitch Black I think. I'm pooped, I need rest. Enjoy these, I've got a few boots on the other computer that are ready to be uploaded, hopefully I'll get em up by tomorrow or so...

My Saviour, Big Jesus!

These are both the same songs that I made available, unfortunately I could only make certain songs available due to the fact that they have a forthcoming album being released. I found out that their label pulled all Big Jesus's music off of all the streaming services out there because of this. If you have "One," be thankful, cause I think all the CDs they had manufactured are gone/sold out. They also filmed a video out in Palmdale for one of their songs today. So without further adieu, I give you Big Jesus's abridged set from their 1st Los Angeles date!