Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Recently, a friend asked me to work on a recording of their band by splicing the tracks from a long WAV file and a little mastering. That friend is Maxx Diaz of W-I-R-E-S, a talented bass player with a warship of a pedalboard... I mean it outdid mine with sheer mass and the number of pedals he had. Ryan Janke has been drumming for this band since 2013 and was the drummer for my shortlived band, Here is not Far. Their newest addition to Maxx's band is Travis Couch on guitars who absolutely slays. It was an honor to be asked to cut up the tracks from their recent mini-tour. On this live set, they played 3 new songs as well as some deep cuts from their EP Lithopedion. Here's their set on bandcamp that I proudly worked on for Maxx and W-I-R-E-S:

Here's where you can purchase and support the band for their 1st EP, Lithopedion. Sonny Kay did a tremendous job on the artwork.

Below is the  Electronic Press Kit for W-I-R-E-S,

Monday, November 14, 2016

12 TOOLs ago

12 years ago, this show happened at the Civic Center in Santa Cruz. I didn't attend this show but attended the Ventura Theater show and possibly the Palladium date of this tour... actually scratch that, was it the Hollywood Grand Olympic Auditorium? I think that was the last Paul D'Amour show I saw of them. I remember vividly of the lighting fixture tied to a rope that Maynard would twirl around during "No Quarter." That was a major "highlight" in the set, pun intended? I guess so, well, I best be get going, got school tomorrow and TONs of homework...

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Hey Y'all, I'm the admin for the Thirty Ought Six site on FB and I just realized that I was getting requests for the 1st album, "Bosozoku." Well, below is the current link and I believe they are V0 mp3s. If I can get my master closet organized, I'll rerip the CD for 320 mp3s if I can. I'm hoping the CD is still rippable! But I hope this will tide you folks over till I can clamor and find the CD. If you're on Facebook, you can see my attempts at lyrics there...

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

OWWW, Brother!

Hmm, I just realized I wrote a blurb on my Dillinger Escape Plan about O'Brother, that would've been more relevant for the inputting of this blog, oh well, my excuse is that I pulled an allnighter and should get some sleep. Short & sweet, 5 songs were played and they were great. Tired As Hell, need rest/respite.

G'night winterland, uh oh, summer still? No complaints

Last One Escapes, Wins!

Ah yes, the last Socal date of The Dillinger Escape Plan, O'Brother, Cult Leader, and Entheos tour package was a suckcess at the Regent on All Hallow's Eve. O'Brother was great to see, however, they stuck out like a sore thumb due to stylistic differences with the other bands. O'Brother is more like ethereal hard rock, while the other 3 bands were progressive in a way that they're fast & screaming. I still enjoy O'Brother, I think they're great! I hope they come back soon and properly tour CA.

On the otherhand, it's supposedly Dillingers last LA/soCal date before they call it quits and meet their demise. As I've said before, I saw them with the original singer, Dmitri, and the first time I saw them was with Mr. Bungle and felt crushed under the technical onslaught of their riffs. I've seen them as early as 1997 at the Glass House and Knitting Factory. Every show and every tour brought something different and special. I'm glad that the HiHat set difffered from All Hallow's Eve at the Regent. The October date had a few new songs from their Dissociation LP. Ok, I slowly realized that I'm typing babble on this laptop and I have class in the early part of the afternoon today. It's 6am PDT and my eyes are tired...

Don't Squat the Daught

Been a long time coming for this show, was super excited to see the band Daughters for the first time. I've heard a few crazy stories about how they used to do crazy stuff live on stage. Last night, they were focused and determined to play and make a lasting impression on us all. The guitars were quite buried in the mix, especially the effected guitars (with f/x), oh well what can you do. They all were nice and stand up dudes, so I got my self-titled LP signed by the band as well as the accompanying 7". Hope they come back again soon! Without a doubt, a great performance by Daughters. Openers were Loma Prieta and The Body. Welp, it's late, I have 2 more write ups to do and I'm crashing...