The Shiner of a Lifetime = Lula is so divine!

What a show, an early matinee show so the party could go on later for the evening! Kowloon Walled City had to drop off the 3 dates with Shiner unfortunately due to family, which I gathered intel from another fan before the show. I had totally forgotten that KWC were supposed to be on the bill, however, Mossbreaker saved the day with new tunes and had Justin Maranga (Ancestors, ex-Night Horse) subbing on guitar.

Last night's show had Mossbreaker start on time at 7pm playing some new songs from their upcoming release this summer. Looking forward to that. The last song they played in their set was a new and nice closer before the main event.

I had seen Shiner with Hum headlining a West Coast tour back in 97 or 98. I'll have to look for those flyers I made for "Westward is Heavenward," which will reveal what year that was from. That was when they were the powertrio for Lula Divinia and they had just released the Sub Pop 7" single for Sleep it off/Half-empty. I may have mentioned that I recorded the Casbah and Koo's Cafe shows on cassette, but the levels didn't fair too well. Still have those cassettes laying around somewhere.

Shiner was phenomenal with having both of their legendary drummers play a total set of 3 "Acts" allowing Tim Dow to play the skins first followed by Jason Gerken for a stint on the latter 2 albums. Then for the last 2 songs, T'dow jumped on the skins again to close out the night.  It was weird going to a matinee show, but the Echo has a popular dance night on Saturdays. NOTE: LA was not shortchanged due to being pressed for time since it had to be over by 9PM. The set ran barely over an hour, but definitely check out Shiner's for deets.

I'm so, so glad that LA got "My Life as a Housewife" while San Francisco got "Semper Fi." Housewife was one of the hooks that got this fish (ME) to reel in as a huge fan of this band. Remember folks to check silentempire for leftovers of the Lula vinyl on black or swirly-blue and light yellow.

Enjoy this set!


  1. Thanks a bunch for this! If you ever post anymore Shiner shows, please post some old ones. All I can find are newer ones from the many reunion shows to the last few years of the band. Thanks again!

  2. Will you ever be putting up the Casbah and Koo's Cafe shows from '97-'98? I would probably die if you did. The oldest live recordings of Shiner that I have are the four on the Making Love EP. Those were from late 1999. It was Splay, Floodwater, Lula Divinia, and Sleep It Off that got me into Shiner. They were what I fell in-love with most about them and so that's the time period I'm most interested in trying to find some live shows from. But as far as I can tell there are none online anymore. If you have any older shows please put them up.

    1. They're distorted to hell and not worth listening to... and therefore will not see the light of day. I may have to re-release the 2 shows I went to in 2001 in TX to see "The Egg" tour. Those are the oldest recordings I have of theirs that I boot'd. Unfortunately the master minidiscs didn't fair too well either, I have CDs of the audio at least to replace the masters, just have to re-rip those and release them when I have time.

    2. Damn man that really sucks. I'm really sorry to hear that happened to your recording's. They probably would of been really awesome otherwise. That's always a huge bummer later on when you listen back and realize what happened but it's too late to do anything about it.

      The two 2001 Texas shows your talking about, are they The Curtain Club, Dallas, TX on 11-01-2001, and Emo's, Austin, TX on 11-02-2001? Because both of those shows I got from you, thank you ton's, and they are both still up. So you shouldn't have to re-up them or anything unless you found a better recording or format or something.

      Also, is this your old bootleg list:

      Because there are eight MP3's of Shiner shows in here that I do not have, that are not up anywhere online anymore, and I would absolutely love to have as I'm sure others would as well! Especially the two 1998 and the two 2000 shows on there, one use to be on the Shiner fan site thirdgearscratch. If this is your old page, would you ever consider posting those Shiner shows on here, or at the very least email them to me or something? If there was something I could do in return, I would do it, but I doubt I have anything that you don't. Your probably too busy to check or care, but it never hurts to ask you know, and if I don't ask then I'll never know. Anyways thanks a bunch again!


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