The Myth of the Black Horseman knows Math

Mustard Gas 'n Roses opened for Mutoid Man/Helms Alee show a couple weeks ago, and before the start of the show I spoke to Sasha the drummer RE: the unreleased album that they have recorded and not released yet. I knew of this thru Jay Bennett or Brian Tulao who told me that they have a finished sophomore album but the other guitarist whose name escapes me at the moment was the only party in the band that was against releasing the album. Even after breaking up, he was the sole reason for not releasing this unheard record. Sasha confirmed this at the show but had told me that the other guitarist had been shown the recent article on a blog that praised "Wyllt" and had shown some interest. So as to promote the Black Math Horseman again, I say let's tell the band how much that the fans want to hear this record.

This one is for Sasha. One of the songs in this set is actually a tune from the sophomore release!



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