Friday, February 10, 2017

Your Destination is Unknown

Thanks to my buddy, Nate, for this upload. He had sent me a link for the mp3s and then told me that there's a 12" version of the Replicants single for ~$3 (not including shipping) on! So I immediately swooped that up. This has a few remixes of the song!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Do you replican or replicant?

Amazing covers album, by those gents from Failure and TOOL. This was a project that Paul D'Amour worked on to work out his angst from playing bass in TOOL and afterwards quit the band (TOOL that is). But this was a fantastic album... Ken, Greg, Paul, and Chris Pitman. Well, I gotta sleep cos I have school tomorrow!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Anybody looking for a Square John?

I think I saw these guys 2x times at least, once being at the Malibu Inn and the other is a faded memory. This was around the late 90s if I recall "incorrectly." Around the time of Adam Siegel's band, My Head, was making the rounds maybe? Heavy stuff like Helmet sort of? I found this disk and it ripped ok, but live they were heavy as fuck.

Primordial Mind Stew

There's a slight chance that a certain musician doesn't want this to be heard. Maybe not? It's an earlier work that precedes his best and his "bestest" works. Hark, if you haven't heard this, well you're in for a treat! Allen Epley's early band called "The Industry" has Allen shining on vocals and bass. I received the CD as a CDr copy without much artwork or liner notes. Ear it is!