Tuff Fibbers CS

Happy New Year! This is the first post of 2018 for my blog!

Dang, I teased this for Xmas, and it's a brand New Year! Sheesh, I fell asleep under the rug this time folks. Apologies to the Fibbers fans that were disappointed in not getting their digital stocking stuffer sooner. This is the cassette rip of The Geraldine Fibbers 2nd album, "Butch." This recording has a different track order than the album and has some B-sides to stick to that too. But the crème de la crème of this recording is the never before (?) released Fibbers track, "Dime Una Mentira." This particular recording is a rough mix of the album. My buddy, Tyrone, worked for Larrikin Management and he scored me this copy and I've had it ever since.



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