Tribute to Caleb Scofield part 2: Cave In

I left for the Wiltern from home at 10AM and arrived there without a glitch of traffic. I. was. first. in. line. DAMN. Since I don't drive, I didn't have the luxury of going where I please after arriving there. It wasn't until Elliott (sp? forgive me, buddy) showed up in line around 11AM if I recall correctly. He flew in from San Francisco and came straight from the airport and was going to stay in LA about 24 hours and not sleep and return home. Elliott, you're a saint and a trooper! I was sure glad to meet your acquaintance that day and was happy to trade turns going to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Product placement!) for their restroom when we needed to go.

I remember a gentleman with his significant other holding a guitar case with a baggage claim sticker--I noted that back in my head as he was attempting to figure out a way to get into the Wiltern with the doors shut. Maybe an hour or 2 later, he left with his S.O. and I approached him to see if he was bringing an instrument for 1 of the bands for the evening. Boy, how dumbfounded was I when he said his name was Kyle Scofield. Immediately I offered my condolences to the passing of his brother, Caleb...

Part 2, this was a special Cave In set. I noticed that Kyle's bass guitar strap was in a "high" position compared to Caleb which was a lower position and thus a hanging bass. Nonetheless, Kyle ripped it up with Stephen Brodsky, Adam McGrath, and JR Connors. Kyle played roughly half the songs and followed by Nate Newton on bass for the last half of the duration of the Cave In set. Nate had it tough tho, he did pull it off and did his best singing Calebs' yells. Out of the entire night, it was the longest set to showcase how special Caleb meant to all his bandmates and friends.

NOTE: I'm working in reverse order of appearance for this tribute...

320 mp3


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