Shinier Than You

Late to the game on this one, a friend emailed me that this had surfaced on Thankfully these files were uploaded with WAVs in a dropbox account. So upon downloading these puppies I remastered it the way I've been doing so to make brighter and louder. Kudos to the dude who had a pristine condition cassette of this 1993 demo. The songs featured here on this are prior to the release of Shiner's 1st record on Desoto, "Splay." What a gem these songs are. Glad these turned up. One of the songs featured on this recording is a song that the band later released on a 7", that song is my favorite instrumental track by Shiner called "Cowboy." Hearing that as a demo is pretty sweet.

Special thanks goes out to Jody for giving me the heads up on this.




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