YiPAA kiyeah mudderpucker, 2022 Remaster

You'd Prefer An Astronaut album is a monumental album for myself and other hardcore Hum fans. This album was sonically produced but was mastered at a low volume on the Compact Disc. It has the fidelity of a great mixing job, but hearing on streaming services it lacks some weight to the volume. 

Last week it dawned on me that I could just do this myself without the stems but directly from the CD. I used audacity, filtered the highs and lows while adding gain to both stereo channels. I was happy with the result of the album, however, the 2 B-Sides that were added were mastered differently as well and the second song of the two, Boy with Stick, may have been done to "hot." 

After having done this, I may have produced the "Death Magnetic" (Metallica) effect on this remaster because the WAV is massively clipping. This remaster is noticeably louder than "Downward is Heavenward" but I listened to this on sort of good headphones and didn't notice any artifacts. 

I'm looking forward to the official re-release of You'd Prefer An Astronaut through Earth Analog as well as Electra 2000. Here's to hoping it'll get a release in 2023!

I have to thank my drummer friend, Morgan Light, who offered advice on how to beef up my bootlegs for this site. I wish I had known this technique sooner because I want to remaster a majority of my bootlegs again. This method of stacking & duplicating the WAVs helped a lot, for that, thank you, Morgan!

320 Bit Rate mp3s:


Variable Bit Rate mp3s:



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