Miniature part 1, A Bit Phuzzy

Night #2 of a 15 day blog post Christmas spree!

A friend of mine sent this to me a while ago, it's a compilation of tracks: demos, & b-sides (what have you). Alex Burtson's dad, Eric Burtson, was momentarily in aMiniature but bowed out as his wife was giving birth to said son, Alex. Eric passed away a few years ago from brain cancer and was an inspirational person to me whenever we were in the same room. He was a teacher by profession and will be sorely missed by all who have shared his life with. Eric Burtson to me will always be a honorary member of the band, aMiniature.

aMiniature was a San Diego quartet who I last saw them in 2012 I believe it was at the Lafayette Hotel with the mighty No Knife headlining. Each band played 2 sets and that was a treat!

I believe that Alex reached out to me via and we somehow struck up a conversation through aMiniature. He sent me this collection of songs ages ago, and I'm glad to share this with you all. 




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