Accept the Exceptional Excerpts

... of dredg and Enemy, this was a time when the internet was in its adolescence and offered brief mp3 excerpts of music to entice listeners and would-be-fans into joining their musical cult. The time of Flash or Shockwave media to download on all our machines for fancy interactions with websites. Shockwave Media RIP! Glad that's past us and that we don't have to update that software anymore, thanks to Apple... 

Alright, so at the time had mp3 teasers from their debut album, Leitmotif, on Interscope Records. Symbol Song and Lechium were the first "bits" I had ever heard from this band and I loved em, albeit they were about 45 seconds long. I think it was (Infamously known as The Pimp Rock Palace) that wrote a blurb or article on dredg. And from that point on, I became a fan forever and I still adamantly listen to "El Cielo" from top to bottom a ton! Hear what I'm talking about by downloading these snippets here:

Variable Bitrate V0mp3s:

I blame it on for most of the music I listen to. As such, I had from the site that after Failure broke up initially in the late 90s, that Troy Van Leeuwen was forming a new band, called Enemy. Again, the excerpts were enough for my curiosity to become a fan of theirs because of his association with Failure. Listen to these to imagine not getting the immediate gratification that we're all spoiled with now.

Variable Bitrate V0mp3s:


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