B There No Sides of a Knife

A San Diego favorite of mine, No Knife had a website (haven't checked if it's still there) post-break-up and had a few things to download from their archives. I think I might have mislabeled a song as a demo when it was live, so the only demo maybe "If it moves kiss it" and that "Angel Bomb" was a soundboard recording. I really wished they would reissue their vinyl of all the albums because... goddamn, "Fire in the City of Automatons" was a great album. Discogs fetches those LPs for a lot of skrill. Who knows maybe the anniversary of the release would be nice to have those back in circulation.

Looking back, I'm not sure if the recording I did at Casbah's off the board made it in No Knife's archive, maybe. I'd have to dig that up in the digital ether. Enjoy these tidbits of No Knife!

Constant Bitrate 320mp3s:

Variable Bitrate V0mp3s:


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