Slip into a Compression

Long time no post, going to post some remastered albums and live stuff over the next few days.

The first & second project I just started and finished today, is Quicksand's Slip and Manic Compression. This year is the 30th anniversary of Slip but only a remastered vinyl was issued. I wanted to alleviate this by adding these to my site for digital scholars such as yourself who love post-hardcore. Anywho, I am hastily putting these up for consumption, I might take them down cause I haven't listened to the remasters on a stereo, only thru a good pair of headphones. These will sound a bit hot, so please reach out to me if that is the case and I'll soften the 'Compression...' or remaster it again for lesser hotness...

OKAY! So it's way too hot! I have to redo this for tomorrow...

NOTE: this post was going to be live last night, however I listened to the remaster from yesterday on my stereo and disappointingly found out that it was clipping and distorted. SOOOOO, I will be updating some of the posts and uploads from this year to not have this unwanted noise in the mp3s. Bear with me folks, the process of remastering some of this incorrectly was due to the fact that headphone listening is not the equivalent of mastering on a stereo.

This afternoon, I undid the remastering job and now have listened to the playback on a stereo. This time it sounds better than yesterday's hastily uploaded job. 

Enjoy this remaster of Quicksand's Slip (30th Anniversary) and Manic Compression. Thanks to Fang for ripping the Japanese imports of these that feature additional tracks!

1993 Quicksand's Slip
Constant Bitrate 320mp3


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