Stove Bread Sky: Acoustic set/October 16, 2013

I found out about this show on October 4th at the True Widow show at the Complex from Sera Timms that her band, Black Mare, was making their band debut performance opening for Stephen Brodsky (Cave In, Mutoid Man, Kid Kilowatt, Stove Bredsky, Octave Museum).  I saw another friend that evening who told me that they were also opening for Stephen Brodsky at the Slidebar and that was later confirmed on the flyer for the show for Lightsystem.  A great night to be witnessed and the bill was rounded out by TS and the Past Haunts.

Stephen was in top form and I noticed that his acoustic was plugged into a few pedals besides a BOSS stompbox tuner.  Right after "Beautiful Breakup" he loops a few riffs with I think a Digitech Jamman (single stompbox) pedal.  The 2 other pedals he used were covered in black duct tape but I knew one was a delay and the other a pitch/shifter delay pedal (PS-3).  The PS-3 pedal was subtle and would underly all the songs in this set.  You could probably hear it better on headphones or loudly thru speakers.

It was a nice selection of songs played to a small audience, but was definitely worth being there to captured the experience.  I also purchased his newest solo work entitled, "Hit Or Mystery."  The next link is to my youtube account of the entire set captured on my Sony Bloggie video camera.

 Here's the link to download the audio for the Slidebar set:

I've seen Cave In at their 2009 Free Scion show w/Coalesce a little after Planets Of Old EP was released through Hydrahead.  They did play 2 new songs that night that would eventually be released on their "White Silence" album (Centered and Summit Fever).  Here's the link to download that set:


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