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Fire Upon Your Amusement

Glass Pickups

Lotsa Love for Pablove

Tribute to Caleb Scofield part 3: Isis

Blu Train

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REDUX: Ole Pel-Lick-Can from 2009

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Early Times of his Life

A Ginuwine Hot Little Pony


I hear your Mellowdrone...

Enemy of the State


Magic Oogie Boogie

Songs for Mingles, Night 1

The Patriot, The Parakeet, & Use Your Delusion I

Tribute to Caleb Scofield part 2: Cave In

Tribute to Caleb Scofield part 1: Zozobra

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H2o & Solutions Kickstarter!

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Bottom of the Curb


Head up your what???

Happy 3,773 old Birthday to this dotcom


Made Out Of Julie

A Ninja who is 12 feet tall

Black Maps of Hell

Stuck on You (acoustic cover) - Black Map

Run Rabbit Run (acoustic) - Black Map

The Life and Times - Live at the Satellite 2015 June 2nd, 2nd Half

The Life and Times - Live at the Satellite 2015 June 2nd, First Half

20yrs of Water & Solutions


Bearus Polarius

Stacy's Fountain

Far in the Aisle, YELLING

The Silver Years of Aeging

Enigk Burns in 1995

Fractures In Flexi's

Kowloon godflesh

Smash TV Man

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Russian Irkles

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Tuff Fibbers CS