Sunday, August 21, 2016

PJ Harvey Danger

Last week Wednesday (August 17th) I was browsing through my email on campus and happened to see Goldenvoice's announcement for a 2nd show being added for PJ Harvey... BUT at the Fonda Theatre instead of the Shrine. I jumped on this opportunity immediately and glad it wasn't sold out *yet* at the time. I was ecstatic and luckily I had solid plans for the coming Friday evening.

I like the Fonda alot as being a big enough and not too small to cater to a musician such as PJ Harvey. Tickets were inexpensive ($35, but with fees it came out to $46) compared to the Shrine ($75 which includes all the fees). I was lucky that I didn't buy a ticket for the Thursday evening show.

This was the first time seeing PJ Harvey and of all years I have been a fan--I never sought out to get tickets for other past events. Boy, am I glad I did tho. It was definitely worth it and I heard ppl complain that the set was too new-album-centric, but nonetheless I was a happy boy to see her finally. No opener PLUS they didn't play any music prior to the set beginning at 930PM that Friday night.

PJ Harvey was backed by 9 guys in her band. It started off almost like a marching band which was unique and cool. I didn't know what to expect, but it was all around a good time indeed.

Tired... g'nite!

We Introduce Yourself A Lot

Wow, I had bought my ticket expecting them to sell out the day they went on sale (~early June). I thought it would be an intimate acoustic performance with Chuck Mosley and friends, but what a night it was for 1986 Faith No More to play the Troubadour. It was magnificient! They announced last week that Chuck was playing with the rest of Faith No More, sans Patton of course, to celebrate the reissue of their 1st album, We Care A Lot.

I got into FNM when Headbanger's Ball started to rotate the video for "From Out of Nowhere" and bought the cassette eons ago. After getting into FNM, I started to dig deeper for the older stuff--the 1st 2 albums. I loved the songs that Chuck Mosley sang on. About the same time, I discovered Mr. Bungle and saw them at the Palace with Melt-Banana who confused the f**k out of me that night. Bungle was on tour for Disco Volante but played whatever the hell they wanted to.

But to get back on track, Chuck Mosley performed acoustically for 25min of deep and rough cuts from his career. He even wore a black shirt that said "Failed Artist." Not so, Chuck, not so. Introduce yourself was one of my favorite albums back in the day. Here's the entire set. Oh yeah, Chuck played an additional song with the 2nd act who's name escapes my brain: Greg Jacoby? Mah, I'm tired, have school in the afternoon, but I'm pooped! Enjoy these sets!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Long Fin Who?

This one's an obscure boot to fit, I found this on dime and liked a few of their albums. Valentino is a good mix of weird instruments and falsetto vocals galore. Maybe not so weird but not the usual traditional instruments of a rock band... ok, well, mandolin, violin and others I can't think of at the moment (cos I'm tired). They played the same Lollapalooza that Thirty Ought Six played and a slew of others that were great. Check these guys out, interesting...

Living Email Circus

Ok, opposite words, but what's the opposite word of a circus? Anyways, here's the Dead Letter Circus at the Key Club with Intronaut, Animals As Leaders, Last Chance to Reason and I think Cynic was on this bill. My memory is a bit foggy, or was it Intronaut headlining? Hmm, I'll have to chase down the archives to find this answer... I believe this was my first viewing of DLC live and was thoroughly impressed by them and became a fan. Super cool guys and had a flyer signed by all of them. The Catalyst Fire is a great album too. Need to get the newer stuff... enjoy!

Cloudy Night Fake Estate

For shame, I didn't go to this show, I regret not going to both shows that they played back-2-back at the Troubadour. Wow, Sunny Day Real Estate I'm talking about... I don't think I had the pleasure of watching them play any shows related to the Rising Tide album. For shame 2x! I missed them all together during that era and I completely, sadly, regret not have gone to any of those shows during that album's life span. This set was great, I wish they had played "Faces in Disguise," one of my favorite songs on that album. Looks like they'll indefinitely won't return since the band imploded during writing the follow-up to the Rising Tide. The only scrap you'll find is the last and only song they recorded which was released on a split with Circa Survive for Record Store Day a couple years ago (?). "Lipton Witch" was the name of that track. Sad, sad indeed.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

FREE Big Ass Sampler!

NOT! Just a teaser of a sampler to hear songs from their upcoming album and a bonus track! You know the drill, sign up with an email to authorize the downloading of AWESOMENESS!

Noisetrade's site

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Here's how to order...

Hey ho! Let's go! Alright, Big Jesus is making a BIG step with a pledge music campaign! Weird, I thought they were signed to Mascot Records, whom pulled on their music off of the streaming sites... I figured since their signed to a label they should have the proper funds to be a startup label, huh? Pledgemusic gets the fans involved but what the hey, I hope it's successful!

Once you order, you get their 1st single "SP" d/led immediately! Hmm, at first thought I was thinking "Smashing Pumpkins" as the title for the single. There's maybe an homage to them in the lyrics maybe? But the feedback at the beginning totally remind me of S.P. I'll have to pick their brains next time I see them!

Duh! There's secretly more tracks around if you look hard enough!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Sleepless with Arms

This is an ole show that is seeing the light of day! Arms and Sleepers set opening for Caspian with Beware of Saftety. I was surprised by their sound, it was post rock with ambiance, definitely a nice touch especially with the keyboards! Loved it!

My Aching...

Head, Endless Bummer, cassette demo, hence 2 songs on here are evident that this was a 90 min cassette since "Log" got cut and "Ultra Drown" had an non-repairable gap. A buddy had a cassette of this and I copied it in the mid 90s. It has a cover of "Fearless" by Pink Floyd, a really cool cover! Saw these guys a bunch and I would try to drag friends to see them back in the day. Wish I had recorded the live on cassette, they had a special chemistry in the music... sad the release of this album was delayed cause Imago Records self imploded and Capitol Records picked it up and didn't know what to do with the album. It was delayed about a year, which sucked for the band. They were so good live...

One night I remember a gal's car hit mine while it was parked. I had to sic my insurance company on them since I had her info.