Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Structural Modernism of the Mies van der Rohe Seagram Building, 375 Park Avenue

Hi folks, sorry for the lack of updates, but this picture is for an assignment for my class here at Moorpark College.

I'm learning about Photoshop in this assignment and learning how to manipulate photos. I slightly changed the hues by adding "Curves" of Red, Green, and Blue to the picture. I'm adding a 2nd image for a little more dramatic effect.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

God as a space cadet

It's time travellin' time, I had a chance to work on some shows to put up and still I've got tons of shows to release. This was early in September at the Troubadour without an opener. It was a phenomenal setlist with a 3 song encore, BUT they really didn't get off stage and announced they were going to piledrive us with the so-called encore! The set clocks in at roughly an hour and a half which required much stamina, but at least they fed off the energy of the crowd. It was good seeing some friends at this show which made it even better for enjoyment.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Why I'd like to Hate it too

There was a lot of woo-haa RE; this recent show with Hum co-headlining/opening for Touche Amore. It was Touche Amore's show and they asked Hum to play as well as Balance & Composure. Thus, it's not a Hum headlining show. With that cleared, there were a lot of Humheads that stayed for Hum and left when Touche Amore showed up. It was an opportunity for Hum to win over some of the hipster hxc kids... This show wasn't sold out unfortunately, but the New York show was and they played 2 newish songs there (Inklings and Cloud City). At the Fox, Hum only played Inklings and it gets better every time I hear it. I'm about to pass out, so I'm signing off till I hibernate for the evening... enjoy...


I saw Jesus

Is the coast clear? Hehehe, 9 days after the album release of Big Jesus, here's the whole set opening for Nothing, Wrong, and Tennis System...


20 Fantastic Planets

It happened... Last night was Failure's 20th Anniversary of Fantastic Planet at the Roxy. From what I gathered from friends that went to the previous 2 nights was that this was the show that topped the Pomona and San Diego shows. What an event, it was Fan Plan front to back and it brought back memories of the Whisky show, but this was even better than that. NOTE: they filmed with about a half dozen professional cameras ranging from the big studio cameras to DSLRs. Priscilla Scott was manning one of the cams in the VIP area at the edge. They had the "filming" disclosure posted outside of the venue and my buddy Dave Boccuzzi "ham'd" it up for the cameras last night. It was a glorious night indeed, full of friends and people I call family showed up for this special show. 20 years, man, I'm old... but loving the memories!



Saturday, September 17, 2016

Trapped Within Purring Machinery

Lost Angeles's own Trapped Within Burning Machinery opened for Badr Vogu alongside Pigeonwing at the Redwood Bar & Grill this past August. For fans of menacing doom and sludge, check out their LP on Black Voodoo Records which pays homage to the movie, The Fifth Element. The artwork is really cool for the record as well. The 1st 2 songs of this set are REALLY long but are amazing nonetheless AND are brand new yet to be released tunes. Besides sounding great, they're all stand up dudes from the Moreno Valley area and are playing a show at Geoff's house on September 24th.


Russian Squares - GuyDance

Back to the Teragram Ballroom, Russian Circles were magnificent. I still have not heard the entire Guidance album... STILL have not had time to listen to it and bask in its glory. Well, I also bought the album but dumbfoundedly there was no download code. Also the cassette of Guidance did not have a download code. I guessed I must've missed the memo that Sarge House no like download code love with their finyls. But on to greener pastures, Russian Circles played a dynamite set and the new songs sounded fantastic!


On a side note: Cloakroom was not ok, the vocals just do not do them justice. I found that the music lacks punch with the vocals. So I terminated the recording of their set...

G-unit Tron Legacy

2008. Murderfest. Knitting Factory (RIP). Daniel Dismal. Converge. Baroness (who I regret not recording, since I didn't know who they were at the time, naturally). Genghis Tron! The metal fest of all fests, this was a blur for me but glad I caught the Genghis at the tail end of their career (I noticed they did some one offs a bit ago, but nowhere near LA). Despite not having a drummer, their drum machine nailed every note!!! Ok, Ok, Ok, that was a bit overboard, but they were fun to watch, listen, and I enjoyed their hype machine! This set is a bit of history, so enjoy!


Dillinger Escape Route

In this startling edition of darshun.com, I present to you the last possible small club date in Lost Angeles this past August, 15th. Please NOTE: I mastered it as is, the guitars were not set to stun but are buried in the mix. The recognizable riffs in between Greg's vocals/screams are audible but not the best sound quality. I think all my DEP boots have pretty much the same result. Download to your fart's content!


Sunday, August 21, 2016

PJ Harvey Danger

Last week Wednesday (August 17th) I was browsing through my email on campus and happened to see Goldenvoice's announcement for a 2nd show being added for PJ Harvey... BUT at the Fonda Theatre instead of the Shrine. I jumped on this opportunity immediately and glad it wasn't sold out *yet* at the time. I was ecstatic and luckily I had solid plans for the coming Friday evening.

I like the Fonda alot as being a big enough and not too small to cater to a musician such as PJ Harvey. Tickets were inexpensive ($35, but with fees it came out to $46) compared to the Shrine ($75 which includes all the fees). I was lucky that I didn't buy a ticket for the Thursday evening show.

This was the first time seeing PJ Harvey and of all years I have been a fan--I never sought out to get tickets for other past events. Boy, am I glad I did tho. It was definitely worth it and I heard ppl complain that the set was too new-album-centric, but nonetheless I was a happy boy to see her finally. No opener PLUS they didn't play any music prior to the set beginning at 930PM that Friday night.

PJ Harvey was backed by 9 guys in her band. It started off almost like a marching band which was unique and cool. I didn't know what to expect, but it was all around a good time indeed.

Tired... g'nite!