Sunday, December 27, 2015

2 Hollow For You 2 Hear

Found these among archived HHDs. 2 reinterpretations of A Perfect Circle's "The Hollow" by former alumnists. "Constantly Consuming mix" was by Paz Lenchantin and the "Bunker remix" was by Troy Van Leeuwen. These were either found on an import single I bought or found on... err... downloaded on Limewire... lol

Saturday, December 26, 2015

KEN Modal

This was the first time seeing KEN Mode and their first time playing in Los Angeles! I got to the venue early and I was the first person who met them there. Jesse and Shane Matthewson and Andrew (?) were very cool. We had dinner before the show at a local Mexican restaurant. I've seen them every time they've come out to LA and are down to earth from Canada! These dudes are uber talented, check em out!

Double Down Deaf-initely

These 2 sets are early in the career of Deafheaven. 2011 was a good year and their debut album "Roads to Judah" is great.

The first set is the 1st time Deafheaven played Vacation Vinyl. They played again in June of the same year, which I didn't record unfortunately. Enjoy these songs!

The Blvd recently reopened in Boyle Heights. Here's to upcoming shows at this venue for the future! This bill was Deafheaven, KEN Mode, Graf Orlock...


This is the 3rd time releasing this set because I love and miss this band. I think this was my first show that I caught of Polygraph and they absolutely floored me. Also, I think this may have been my first show attending at the Blvd. It was New Year's Day and it was a decent line up.

You can still d/l their music here:

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Hellmutt - 5 of 5 Xmas Presents

Merry Christmas! 5th wave!

This was one of my early cassette recordings on a Sony Walkman. Unfortunately the lineage or info on the date is missing. It was a free show at Universal Citywalk in Hollywood. This was right when "Aftertaste" was released on Interscope Records. Well, I have to get ready for a party. Everyone have a good time and stay safe!

Russian Xmas - 4 of 5 Xmas Presents

Merry Christmas Eve Quadfold! Err?

Russian Circles has a great catalog of cathartic material! Wow, I only see this particular show I've released by this band. I think I have more recordings... hmm, well this has to be remedied! Oh, I do have an old Russian Circles set with Red Sparowes in the archive. Anywho, I'll put up more Russian Circles soon-ish... if I can find them. This set features material from "Empros." I think "Empros" is my favorite album by them. Enjoy this set!

Deaf-initely - 3 of 5 Xmas

Merry Christmas Eve threefold!

Roads to Judah early set. I have a bunch more of these Deafheaven sets. The sound was so good at the Troubadour and Deafheaven earned their name deaf-initely that evening. What a great bill too, one of those early Sargent House extravaganzas--rounded out by Marriages and Russian Circles. Glad these guys are getting the recognition and love the new album, "New Bermuda." Enjoy this primordial recording!

An Egg for Xmas - 2 of 5 Xmas Presents

Merry Christmas Eve again!

2001, a year that I had much trouble in. But it was also the same year that Shiner's "The Egg" was released. That year the band decided to tour and play the album in its entirety. Well, thankfully for the internet and my tenacity I discovered that Shiner wasn't going all the West. The farthest West they were traveling was Texas and so I purchased a roundtrip ticket to Texas and decided that I'll go to their Austin show as well! Looky here, Houston was touring with them! This will be my first times seeing Houston play and boy was I excited. My mind was blown of course at both bands those 2 nights in TX. This version is re-mastered for loudness!

1st of the marriages - 1 of 5 Xmas Presents

Merry Christmas Eve!

Before the month AND year is over, I worked on these boots for you all to warm your feet. 5 shows are in queue total for now and maybe this weekend I'll work on some more shows.

The set that's currently being uploaded is Marriages 1st set ever at the Troubadour from 2011, opening for Deafheaven and Russian Circles (whose sets I've got in queue!). NOTE: this entire set is the band playing all of Kitsune from start to finish! 2ND NOTE: Emma is using a huge TC Helicon pedal for her vocals which is trippy. Early on in Marriages metamorphosis, Emma used this pedal for "masking" her voice, so this and a few other sets I recorded of Marriages feature this. I prefer her vocals sans effects because it definitely doesn't need to be "effected."

Yesterday, I redid the volume boost for this capture as well as the 4 more sets that I'm uploading...