1st of the marriages - 1 of 5 Xmas Presents

Merry Christmas Eve!

Before the month AND year is over, I worked on these boots for you all to warm your feet. 5 shows are in queue total for now and maybe this weekend I'll work on some more shows.

The set that's currently being uploaded is Marriages 1st set ever at the Troubadour from 2011, opening for Deafheaven and Russian Circles (whose sets I've got in queue!). NOTE: this entire set is the band playing all of Kitsune from start to finish! 2ND NOTE: Emma is using a huge TC Helicon pedal for her vocals which is trippy. Early on in Marriages metamorphosis, Emma used this pedal for "masking" her voice, so this and a few other sets I recorded of Marriages feature this. I prefer her vocals sans effects because it definitely doesn't need to be "effected."

Yesterday, I redid the volume boost for this capture as well as the 4 more sets that I'm uploading...



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