Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dountain Mew

Last night's Mew set was nothing but amazing. Quite different than the previous 2 shows I saw in September. No "Comforting Sounds" as a closer, which is fine with me, but they played "Silas the Magic Car" and "Snow Brigade." Interestingly enough, they opened with "Hawaii," which is my favorite song off of the latest album.

The crowd was into it. The projector was spot on with even more spectacular visuals. One of the funnier visuals I still recall is a demonic looking chihuahua barking at the camera (minus the actual barking noises, thankfully). Pretty funny stuff, but cool nonetheless.

A special treat last evening was a solo piano performance by Jonas playing New Terrain/Nervous. That was nice.

Please note: there were yappers on both side of me talking continuously throughout the set and I was with a friend. I couldn't really escape cause my friend wouldn't have had a clue. Perhaps I should have warned her beforehand. I will do that next time. Anyways, this was a very big pain in the ass to "eq," so I just normalized each track individually. That's why "New Terrain/Nervous" is so loud (that was normalized to -2db, while the remaining set was normalized to 0db).

Without further adieu:

Mew, V0mp3

Ahh yes, I need to post the Minus the Bear show from November. These guys are very good live and the technicality of the music is so subtle. Enjoy this set:

Minus The Bear, V0mp3

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Black Cobra at Viper Rm

Yup, not much publicity, well, you may not expect it, but Black Cobra plays midnight at the Viper Room. They played with Pelican on 10-28-09 and slayed. Tix are 10 bux in advance and 12 bux at the door. You should go and bring your friends!

We Be The Echo, Totally Serious sets are ready. Oh yeah, did I post the Minus The Bear here? Well, that'll be for later today. Or find it on last.fm for Minus the Bear.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Ahh, yes, I just uploaded this for your ears. Enjoy this show:

Minus The Bear, V0mp3

Just finished the We Be The Echo & Totally Serious sets from November 6th. Waiting on song titles for the Young Widows set opening for Russian Circles.

Also, finished watching the 1st episode of Flash Forward, I'm sucked in now...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nueva Black Pelican

Ok, here's an update. I did the Pelican set this morning and uploaded this early this afternoon to find out that I have the songs mixed up. Pelican's Ephemeral EP does not have the correct titles for the first 2 songs--they were switched! SOOOO, the first song of the set is:

Embedding the Moss

Then, the 4th song is:


Well, I'm not going to re-upload the zip file cause I already uploaded it. So your job after you've downloaded it to your computer. It would be recommended that
'you' switch the song titles correctly on whatever you use for your mp3s. Capiche?

Without further adieu:

Pelican, V0mp3s

Last night I uploaded the set for Black Cobra. This is a great and phenomenal set by this awesome 2 pc. They mostly played off of their 1st and recent album. NOTE: the previous set from 2008 will need to be redone so that I can "eq" it better. Those files from 2008 were just normalized to 0db. OK, here it is:

Black Cobra, V0mp3s

RE: Sweet Cobra set from 10/28/09

I sent an email to their myspace to get some help on song titles from that setlist. Altho I do have everything they've released, it's just that I need the "new" edirol (when it arrives) to rip the 12" EP they released. The mp3s are ready, they just need names!!!

By request, I uploaded an older show but these are also normalized to 0db and not eq'd. This is the set from Spaceland of Nueva Vulcano from 2008 with the Life and Times (7/24/08):

Nueva Vulcano AAC m4a

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hmm, little dusty here

Hey folks, not much of an update. Hope you all had a good Turkey Day last weekend. I did with the family. Eating turkey soup which my mom made soon after thanksgiving.

Anyways, I'll try to work on some older shows for download soon! Hang in there folks!